[Stream] Today The Moon, Tomorrow the Sun: “Oh Black Gold”

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun occupy an interesting musical overlap. On the surface, their sound is sort of bubble gum pop, but at the same time they are a rather impressive experimental band. It’s hard for to me think of another group that can simultaneously pull off both of these aesthetics so successfully. Through three EPs which all featured moments of brilliance but were a bit inconsistent, TTMTTS‘s paradoxical duality was best demonstrated by their fun and intense live show. But with Wildfire, their epic new full-length, they have finally found a way to capture the magic of their concerts, producing a record that fully realizes their vast potential from start to finish. It’s pop music as art at its very finest, and it’ll end up being one of the best records to come out of Atlanta this year. So be sure to catch them Saturday (May 7th) night at The Earl, pick up the record, and then give it a good headphone listen. Here’s a cut from it:

Oh Black Gold by TodaytheMoon

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