Goodbye Seven, Hello Eight

Ohmpark has just about closed out an entire year. When I started this thing last January, I really didn’t have any expectations except to use this as a research project to learn a bunch of good music. In that regard, it has been a resounding success for myself. I hope you have been enjoying this as much as I have, and thanks so much for reading. Here’s the last of my best of ’07 stuff, compiled together in case you missed anything:

Ohmpark’s Top 50 Best Albums Of 2007
Ohmpark’s Top 10 Best EPs Of 2007
Biggie C’s Favourite Photos of 2007
My Favourite Shows Of 2007
My Favourite Songs Of 2007

So, I like lists, and here’s some more:

Best Atlanta Artist Albums That Didn’t Make our Top 50:

Black Lips : Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo
Antic Clay : Hilarious Death Blues
The Jupiter Watts : Jupiter Watts
Slow Motion Crash : Slow Motion Crash
The Coathangers : The Coathangers
Black Lips : Good Bad Not Evil
Sonz Of Acworth : Rhythms Of The Dirty Down Under
One Hand Loves the Other : One Hand Loves The Other

Best Post-Rock Albums That Didn’t Make Our Top 50:

The Octopus Project : Hello, Avalanche
God Is An Astronaut : Far From Refuge
Jesu : Conquorer
Pelican : City Of Echoes
Graboids : Infinite Delay
Fridge : The Sun
Cougar : Law

Most Overrated Albums Of 2007:*

The National : Boxer
Arcade Fire : Neon Bible
LCD Soundsystem : Sounds Of Silver
The Field : From here We Go Sublime
Spoon : Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Burial : Untrue
M.I.A. : Kala

*Not that I think these are necessarily bad albums, because i do like most of them, but i think people are too crazy for them compared to the better albums this year.

Most Overrated Before It Was Released And Then Underrated After it Was Released:

The Shins : Wincing The Night Away

Best Atlanta Venue Of 2007:

ISP Space: It didn’t last as long as the year, but when it was open, it was such a cool thing. Pretty much every good band from the city played there and every show was completely free.

Best Other Atlanta Music Blog of 2007:

It Covers the Hillsides: With Cable And Tweed moving to Atlanta’s fat and ugly sister city (Athens), i think ICTH was easily my favourite ITP read of 2007. When it comes to indie rock, they (or i guess he) knows good stuff.

Looking Ahead:

2008 Festival Preview

Artists With Albums I’m Looking Forward To:

The Orphins
Untied States
From Exile
Atlas Sound
Lid Emba
The Mars Volta
Beach House
Flight Of The Conchords
Hot Chip
Death Cab For Cutie
Built To Spill
Gnarls Barkley
The Breeders
Vampire Weekend
Colin Meloy
Of Montreal

We will be having a One-Year Anniversary Party next Saturday (January 19th), so mark your calendars and stay tuned for details.

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  1. Seth Says: November 26th, 2008 at 7:11 am

    love your page, but don’t agree with The National being “overrated”, the BSS concert was amazing!

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