Sugarkane’s Top 13 Favourite Shows Of 2007

Live shows are such a different beast than listening to an album. With an album you love, you can listen to it any time and enjoy it. With a band you love, it’s much more of a dice roll on how much you enjoy a concert. They may not play the songs you like, they may have a bad show, you may end up around a bunch of 16 years olds acting like douches, maybe its outdoors and raining, maybe you took too many drugs, etc. There are so many factors at play that people at the same show can have completely different experiences. These 13 shows, then, represent my best experiences of the year. They are a reflection of my own subjective experience more so than the objectively best shows the bands i saw play. Click on the link to read-up:

13. Snowden, DJ Klever (3-31-07) Lenny’s Bar

12. Ween (6-16-07) Bonnaroo

11. Explosions in The Sky, The Paper Chase, Eluvium (3/13/07) Lenny’s Bar

10. The Flaming Lips (10/12/07) The Echo Project

9. Blonde Redhead (5/4/07) The Variety Playhouse

8. From Exile (11/3/07) Home Park Festival (Acoustic Set)

7. Menomena (4/3/07) The Drunken Unicorn

6. Grizzly Bear (3/2/07) The Drunken Unicorn

5. Marnie Stern (7/26/07) The Drunken Unicorn

4. Joanna Newsom (11/17/07) Atlanta Symphony Hall

3. Sonic Youth (7/13/07) Pitchfork Music Festival (Daydream Nation show)

2. Akron/Family, Untied States (2/20/07) The Earl

1. Yo La Tengo (2/3/07) The Variety Playhouse

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