Counterpoint Festival

Not counting that abomination called Music Midtown last year, it’s been a long time since Atlanta has had a large-scale music festival. Considering how populated the metro area is and how diverse and dynamic our local music scene is, it’s kind of weird we haven’t had a big music fest in recent years. But hopefully that will change this fall with the coming of Counterpoint Festival, which is slated to take place September 28 & 29 in the same location as the 2007 Echo Project, a really beautiful tract of land only 30 minutes from downtown. Even though The Echo Project was under-promoted and under-attended, it was a really special festival experience, and those of us lucky enough to have attended have been waiting and wishing for it’s return. Now, this seems to be an entirely different festival, but even though there isn’t a lineup quite yet, I’m really optimistic because it’s being produced by C3, who puts on Austin City Limits Music Fest and Lollapalooza, and MCP, who puts on Camp Bisco and the original Echo Project. Supposedly a lineup and more details will arrive in the coming weeks.

Counterpoint Festival website

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2 Responses to “Counterpoint Festival”
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