[Video] Abby GoGo: “White Car” (indieATL Session)


[Stream] Abby Gogo: “You Destroy Me”

Veteran garagegazers Abby Gogo released a new 7″ last week which includes an original and a cover. You can stream the original below:

Abby Gogo bandcamp

[Photos] Royal Baths, Abby Gogo, Spirits and the Melchizidek Children @ 529 (2/14/12)

Spirits and the Melchizidek Children:

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[Photos] Abby Gogo, Mermaids, Ghost Bikini @ Star bar (2/11/11)

Abby Gogo:


Ghost Bikini:

[Photos] Abby Go Go @ Stats (11/6/10)

[Mp3] Abby Go Go: “Guitar #0″

Abby Go Go release their self-titled, debut full length November 30th, and if you enjoy psychedelic, shoegazey rock, you’ll definitely want to pick this up. Most of the record extracts poppy garage-rock riffs and elongates them into effect laden, four-to-seven-minute compositions of indulgence. The two shorter, more conventional garagey tracks are less interesting, but in context they help pace the album. With this release, Abby Go Go have definitely established themselves as one of the best in the massive army of Black Lips/Deerhunter descendant bands in Atlanta. Here’s an especially gazey number to preview:

Abby Go Go : “Guitar #0″

Preorder Abby Go Go

Abby Go Go myspace

[Photos] The Other Sound Festival 2010: Abby Go Go, Author’s Apology, Buffalo Bangers, The Charges, Grand Prize Winners, King Congregation, Little Tybee, Odist, Oryx & Crake, Skin Jobs

Abby Go Go:

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The Other Sound Schedule

The Other Sound Festival returns this Saturday to Little Five Points. Here’s an updated schedule:

6pm What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger
7pm Book of Colors
8pm Little Tybee
9pm West End Motel
9:40pm Author’s Apology
10:15pm The Charges
11:15pm Abby GoGo
12:15am Skin Jobs

6:30pm Walk from the Gallows
7:30pm Starfighter
8:30pm Buffalo Bangers
9:30pm King Congregation
10:30pm Tornado Town
11:30pm Odist

7pm Meut
8pm Jeremy Ray & The Gonzo Orchestra
9pm Weapons of Audio
10pm Oryx and Crake
12am Omelet

2:30pm Back Pockets
3:30pm The Wild
4:30pm A Fight to the Death
5:30pm Mermaids

1:00pm Wes Ables
2:00pm Hawkeye Pierce
4:00pm Platonic Sex
5:00pm The Falcon Lords

The Other Sound website

Little Tybee : “Dear Emily”
A Fight To The Death : “The Gesture”
Abby GoGo : “Louder Than Dreams”

[Mp3] The Runaway Five (Live @ Eyedrum 9/8/10)

The Runaway Five is Lockett Pundt (Deerhunter, Lotus Plaza) and Dan Wakefield (Ominous Castle, Abby Go Go)

The Runaway Five : Live @ Eyedrum 9/8/10

Ifilmbands has video of the performance here.

You can download Warning Light‘s set here and Young Again‘s set here. Photos of the three acts are here.

Thanks to Robby Kee and Nathan Brown for this.

[Videos] Nameless Goatfarm Festival (All The Saints, Balkans, Abby Go Go)

Last weekend’s throwdown at the Goat Farm was definitely a fun one. Local videotaper Iflimbands got a ton of killer vids from the day, so here are a few to check out, and then dive on in to his youtube account to watch the rest:

Iflimbands Youtube

All The Saints:


Abby Go Go:

More videos here

Photos: Abby Go Go, Ghostfinger, Jeffrey Butzer, Mack Messiah, Small Reactions @ Star Bar (8/27/09)

Small Reactions:

Mack Messiah:

Jeffrey Butzer:

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