Bonnaroo 2008 Sunday (Day 4 And Wrap-Up): We ‘Roo Victoriously

After only a few hours of sleep in the hot sun in my van, I was exhausted both in body and spirit. But no matter how much heat, how many beers, how little sleep, or how bad my body aches, there is no slowing down at a party this serious. So it was time to finish this thing with a win.

I barely made it in time to see Broken Social Scene‘s first set at the Sonic Stage. They did three songs from You Forgot It In People and their pro-Obama rally song in both pro- and anti-bong forms. You can download the show here.

After that we headed to The Other Tent to see Ladytron. I had very little familiarity with this band prior to seeing them, but I thought they were pretty cool. This is definitely not a style of music I could get into deep, but very much something worth seeing.

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Torrent of the Day: My Morning Jacket – Bonnaroo 2008

One of the biggest surprises of Bonnaroo for me was My Morning Jacket. I have enjoyed their last two albums “Z” and “Evil Urges”. However, I certainly wasn’t aware of what a staggering live show these guys can put on. With the help of saxophonist Jeff Coffin, the Nashville Horns, and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, My Morning Jacket put on a nearly four hour long party. The band played a majority of the songs from their last two albums and a couple songs from their older albums. They also spiced things up a bit with a diverse sprinkling of covers from Sly & the Family Stone, Funkadelic, Erykah Badu, Kool and the Gang, Bobby Womack & Peace, and Velvet Underground. They closed out their late night set covering Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” with comedian Zach Galifianakis dressed as little orphan Annie. Enjoy.

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Live Review: Death Cab for Cutie – Bonnaroo 2008

I think the most disappointing thing I experienced at Bonnaroo (other than Kanye totally disrespecting not only the entire Bonnaroo community but the entire music community) was the major conflict on Sunday. As I mentioned in my review of Narrow Stairs, Broken Social Scene’s main set and Death Cab for Cutie’s only set overlapped by 30 minutes. To make matters worse, the “Other” tent (where BSS was playing their main set) was running about 30 minutes behind.

Panic sets in! On one hand, Broken Social Scene was putting on an incredible show, and was promising to play until they were dragged off stage. On the other hand, I didn’t want to chance missing any of the new Death Cab songs I knew they would break out early in their set.

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Live Review: Broken Social Scene @ Bonnaroo

One of my favorite bands making music right now, Broken Social Scene, played two awesome sets at Bonnaroo. I could not have been more psyched about their second set closer, the bombastic, three-fake-endings jam out, It’s All Gonna Break.

Part 1:

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A Second Opinion… – Sigur Ros @ Bonnaroo

Sigur Ros was the personal pinnacle of the fest this last weekend. Their set spanned all of their various albums and I came to find out post-Bonnaroo that the band had a scare the night before at their show in Kansas City.

Here’s some Bonnaroo vids of these guys…

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Bonnaroo 2008 Saturday (Day 3): Thirty Epic Hours

Bonnaroo always has a momentum all its own and no matter how you imagine your weekend to go, it ends up being a completely different experience. Saturday morning I woke up around 4am in the morning after sleeping through crazy thunderstorms that wrecked our camp. Most of the people in my crew were coming back from seeing late night shows and we hung out and talked about our Friday experiences. The rain continued on and off for the rest of the morning, so I had some beers for breakfast and chilled out under our shelters that hadn’t been destroyed. I caught an hour power nap around 9am, and then headed out for the day. I walked around the campgrounds for a while taking in the atmosphere. The rain had died out mostly by then, and people were out and about in the muddy conditions.

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Bonnaroo Update: I Ain’t Saying He’s A Gold Digger, But Kanye West Pissed Off The Roo

The fest is almost over, and it has been incredible as per usual. Last night Kanye West‘s performance that was originally slated for 2:45 am didn’t actually happen until 4:30am, so my schedule has been thrown off entirely. I’ll have more on his badly received show tomorrow when I get home and finish my Day 3 post. And then later this week I’ll have the Day 4/Wrap-Up super post. It looks like my experiment with live video streaming didn’t work out so well due to some technical difficulties, but I have lots of video to share with you soon. Time to run and milk the final seconds for all they’re worth!

Bonnaroo 2008 Friday (Day 2): The Sun, The Fiery Furnaces, The Free Beer Tent; This Is Why I’m Hott

Friday morning started about 4 hours after Thursday night ended for me with the sun making things too uncomfortable for me to sleep late. I grabbed some breakfast and got an early start on the day. I got to the media area to do some blogging and listen to the media orientation speech. They laid out everything we could and couldn’t do, and none of it really seemed to effect what I’m doing. I don’t have all access, but it seems like there are lots of artists in the media area doing interviews and such, so that has been really cool. I gave the guitarist from Minus The Bear some daps before catching some shows.

First up was The Fiery Furnaces. They did a set that was very similar to the set they did at The Variety Playhouse earlier this year, except this time they had a thimble player to make it a 5 piece. It was extremely tight and heavily weighted by Widow City songs, which I love. At some point a cardboard cutout of Eleanor made its way into the crowd, followed by other cardboard cutouts that I thought at first were the rest of the band, but then I saw one of them was Bradford Cox and realized they were from the Converse ad.

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Bonnaroo 2008 Thursday (Day 1): Festies Ain’t Easy, But They Sure Are Fun

Going to a festival is not all fun and games. The live concert experience is never assured bliss. There are so many external factors that could go sour. A huge fest like Bonnaroo has an army of these possible setbacks. But sometimes overcoming the odds and the elements can be the recipe for an unforgettable weekend.

So after hanging out in Manchester a little bit Wednesday night, I rode back into town in the morning to pick up my press credentials. I then went to my hotel to await the arrival of my caravan of ATLiens. One of the cars in our group had a road cone fly up and crack their windshield in Chattanooga, forcing them to abandon their vehicle to repair and then squeeze their gear and bodies in other folks’ already tightly packed rides. The slight travel delay here would seem insignificant compared to the traffic jam we would wait in shortly after.

Now I’m from Atlanta so traffic isn’t new to me, but sitting still on the side of the interstate for 5+ hours is just never that fun. This would actually be the longest I’ve ever waited to get into the ‘roo. As is typical, everyone gets out of their cars and socializes on the side of the road to pass the time, and then as soon as the line starts moving a bit, everyone scrambles into their rides to grab another 50 feet.

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