Corndogorama 2008 Sunday (Day 4 and Wrap-Up)

Corndogorama 2008 was called “The Year Of the Mustard King”, but it should have been called “The Year of the Crybaby Hipster Haters”. I’ll get to that shortly, but first my Sunday experience. It seemed every day involved a high speed race across the city to arrive in time to catch a specific band, and today’s band that began playing just as I arrived was Lazer/Wulf. This instrumental metal power trio from Athens brought it hard and dirty. Their on-stage demeanor was subtly hilarious while displaying some serious musical prowess. They were a great start to a fun day:

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Corndogorama Videos: Snowden

I’ll have my Day 4 coverage and Wrap-up for you tomorrow, but until then you can re-experience Snowden putting it down Saturday night:

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Corndogorama Video: Gringo Star

I’ve been a big fan of these guys since the A Fir-Ju Well days, so it was great to see them again after not seeing them for a long time. Too bad things ended disastrously.

Corndogorama Videos: All the Saints, Twin Tigers, Thy Mighty Contract, The NEC

Local bands at the Corndog:

All The Saints:

Twin Tigers:

Thy Mighty Contract:

The NEC:

Corndogorama 2008 Saturday (Day 3)

Josh and I have both been covering Corndogorama, so we’re going to tag team you with yesterday’s events complete with photos from Biggie C:

JW: Following a super-charged Friday night, I managed to make it back to corndog land in time to catch Morning State. As usual, they put on a solid performance. “Never So Strange” kept the truly devoted satisfied. I listened to them through my hangover – something not afforded to lesser bands.

SK: I didn’t make it to the fest until Thy Mighty Contract had taken the stage. This ATL supergroup certainly combined the best elements of their respective sounds into a serious sonic assault. I wish I could have heard a few more songs from them, but good Corndog sets always leaving you wanting more.

Since Untied States canceled due to some legal troubles, I ran down to East Atlanta and grabbed some grub at the Australian bakery and Josh went to see the Corndog Eating Contest.

JW: OK – that Boone guy showed up again with the belt just to show it off. 17 corndogs in 7 minutes. This anomaly has no competition. I was waiting for the little girl about a third of his size to spew when she got 5 of them down and started kneeling on the ground.

SK: Upon my return we caught Sonen. Their show was ok, but not anything that grabbed me. They struck me as a par, average Atlanta band. Not bad, but not good. Right after that it was time for A Armada and the explosions of sound washing across everyone’s ears was unstoppable.

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Corndogorama Video: A Armada

We’ll have our full report from yesterday up soon, but I think the highlight of the day for me was seeing these guys again. In a related note, make sure not to miss Cinemechanica tonight!

Corndogorama Videos: Tenth To The Moon

I missed this show on Thursday, but luckily a ATL Superstar got some videos:

Corndogorama Video: Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon breaks down the barriers between the artist and the audience more than anybody. He sets up his equipment in front of the stage allowing people to circle around him. His shows also employ fun, kindergarten sorts of games the audience plays. In this video you’ll watch one such game go on while he performs:

Corndogorama 2008 Friday (Day 2)

After late starts from the Ohmpark crew all around, we raced through thick Atlanta traffic to make it in time to catch Twin Tigers. It was an intense drive across the city that included me lighting my hair on fire with a malfunctioning cigarette lighter, but we were jamming the new Sorry No Ferrari CD I picked up at their show Wednesday night, and it was the perfect soundtrack for the journey. We arrived just in time and I really loved Twin Tigers. They sort of reminded me of Deerhunter a bit. Very nice shoegazey stuff with everyone trading off vocals. Very much a highlight of the day for me.

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Corndogorama 2008 Thursday (Day 1)

The corndog man was there. Tall boys were on ice. Stage managers were running a tight ship to get bands playing on time. And there was music. With a post in the same spirit of the festival, Thursday…

My arrival just before Loose Screws produced a PBR and then the night began with some punk jams. The band also seemed to enjoy them.

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