[Stream] Chris Childs: “A Very Weird Christmas”

Here’s another Christmas album freshly released, this one by Chris Childs (Faun and a Pan Flute, Mediocre Machine).

Chris Childs bandcamp

[Stream] Faun And A Pan Flute: “Cool Galaxy”

You could probably trace back the lineup that comprises Faun And A Pan Flute to at least a hundred different other musical projects around town, but this particular amalgamation has a certain unique magic, and it’s quickly become one of the city’s most compelling outfits. They manage to combine a prowess for the psychedelic with sharp songwriting, a nexus of aesthetics rarely pulled off this well. They recently released a new, seven song record called Cool Galaxy, and I highly recommend picking it up. Here’s the title track, one of my favourite songs of 2012, and then go get the whole album for whatever price you want from Primitive Patterns.

Faun And A Pan Flute bandcamp

[Stream] Babar: “Touch It”

Here’s a new psychedelic jam from Babar, which features Eric Grantham (Vegan Coke), Gage Gillmore (A. Grimes), and Danny Bailey (Faun and a Pan Flute, Balkans).

Babar bandcamp

Ohmpark Mixtape #24: Summer 2012

animas vast
deadcat bitchs
faun and a pan flute sunset dolphin boat ride ’98
nobra noma western shore
vox celeste be yourself
dark room let’s go back there
nomen novum ahhh silent field
tree witch laika
cassandras slow boat coming
hello ocho stickin to the sheets
new animal far away
the outer champagne

[Stream] Easily Suede: “dollyp.”

I’m still catching up on local releases from early in the year, and one of the best from that period comes from Easily Suede, the solo project of Adam Babar, who runs local label Primitive Patterns and is in many other bands around town including Faun And A Pan Flute. Signalling‘s 8 compositions of downtempo textures are ethereal and haunting, so if you like that sort of thing, definitely check this record out.

Easily Suede bandcamp

[Stream] Faun And A Pan Flute: “Sunset Dolphin Boat Ride ’98″

Faun And A Pan Flute, a super group jam-packed full of ATL all-stars, released a new two track single this week. It’s one of their strongest recordings so far, matching the high level of their already beastly live performances. Give it a listen and then go see them tonight (April 18) at The Earl.

Faun and a Pan Flute Facebook

[Guest Mixtape] Primitive Patterns

Atlanta has quite a few record labels doing cool things right now, but one of the best new labels to crop up recently is Primitive Patterns. Their aesthetic seems to line up very close to my own taste. So give a listen to this great mix put together by Primitive Pattern’s Adam Babar of Easily Suede and Faun And A Pan Flute.

Download Mixtape

Primitive Patterns Bandcamp

primitivepatterns mixtape by primitivepatterns

[Mp3] Faun and a Pan Flute: “peach is got it / getting a hair cut at 100MPH”

I finally sat down with Faun and a Pan Flute‘s latest record, I’m not Prostitute, and I’m really starting to dig it. At first listen, its mathy and seemingly ambling elements are a bit disorienting, but the more I hear it, the more fond I grow of this particular flavour of psych-pop. You can grab the five songs for whatever price you want from Primitive Patterns:

Faun and a Pan Flute : “peach is got it / getting a hair cut at 100MPH”

Download/Stream I’m Not Prostitute