Flight Of The Conchords Season Two, Episode One

The first episode of the new season of HBO’s Flight Of the Conchords has landed on the web, and here is the entire thing:

Bonus tunes:

Flight Of The Conchords : Robots

The Crazy Dogggz : Doggie Bounce

Monday Mash-Up

Sigur Ros had a teaser video rolling around the Internet last week:

Listen to a new CocoRosie song here.

The 2008 version of Ozzfest has them abandoning the touring festival format for a one day event in Dallas, TX with Metallica and Ozzy headlining. I guess that Ozzfest for free last year didn’t work out so well.

Shearwater frontman Jonathan Meiburg quit his keyboarding spot in Okkervil River to focus on Shearwater full time.

The Big Boi solo album is coming along nicely.

The Hold Steady will be at The 40 Watt in Athens, Ga August 9th, but is not coming to Atlanta.

Hot Chip will be at The Variety Playhouse on October 9th.

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Friday Free-Style

Yes are doing a 40th anniversary tour and will be in Atlanta at the new Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park on August 4th. Tickets go on sale today at 10am so go get them.

La Blogotheque is really cool in case you didn’t know, and here’s the Black Lips sessions:

by lablogotheque

by lablogotheque

Outkast‘s tour manager died of a drug overdose. Here’s that new new Outkast:

Big Boi featuring Andre 3000 & Raewkon : Royal Flush
Atlas Sound has another hott track at his blog.

Apple is talking about offering unlimited access to the itunes library for a fee.

Lollapalooza early bird tickets are on sale now, but there is still no official line-up.

This year’s installment of Camp Bisco July 17th-19th includes Disco Biscuits (3 nights), Snoop Dogg, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, MSTRKRFT, !!!, Lotus, DB, Amplive, and more.

Outside Lands Fest in San Francisco, Ca August 22nd-24th will include Radiohead, Tom Petty, Beck, Wilco, Primus, Regina Spektor, Devendra Banhart, Broken Social Scene, Andrew Bird, Black Mountain, Bon Iver, and more.

Chris Strawn of Atlanta’s Brass Castle has a solo album, I Left My Hat In Hades, out now.

Andrew Bird is blogging for the New York Times.

Listen to Dirty Projectors cover Bjork‘s “Hyperballad” here.

The Flight Of The Conchords self-titled LP comes out April 22nd and you can see the tracklist here. Jam a track:

Flight Of The Conchords : Ladies Of The World
Stream the new Black Keys album here.

Fleetwood Mac plans to join the reunion club next year, possibly with Sheryl Crow. (?)

Emo kids are getting attacked in Mexico.

You can get the Die! Die! Die! show at The Earl last week from Have You Heard.

Girl Talk has a new album out very soon and will be in Athens, Ga at the Georgia Theater tonight.

Read about the new Of Montreal album here.

I didn’t get any recordings of Bon Iver at SXSW, but others did, so go listen.

Nine Inch Nails will be at the Gwinnett Arena August 13th.

Southern Shelter has a show from Hardy Morris and Brantley Senn of Dead Confederate.

Pearl Jam is finally touring around the south a bit this summer, but not Atlanta.

Creative Loafing has a piece about Silent Kids.

Be Your Own Pet will be at the Variety Playhouse May 23rd. Universal cut three songs from their new album, Get Akward, because they were too violent. This is the same label that has released albums from Eminem, 50 Cent, Marilyn Manson, and Nine inch Nails. Obviously, Jemina Pearl could kick all of their asses. Check their new vid:

More new videos:




Video of The Day: Flight Of The Conchords: A Texan Odyssey

While I’ve been killing time at work, I came across this post on Brooklyn Vegan. They posted the 45 minute documentary below that The Flight Of The Conchords made when they traveled to SXSW in 2006. The post also included this photo:


What is especially hilarious about the photo is that those two folks that FOTC are pointing to are actually ex-ATLiens, and the one on the right was my roommate a few years ago. Right before this happened, we had all become obsessed with the FOTC HBO special and it was a big deal when they sent us this photo after SXSW. Anyway, that randomness gave me a laugh. You should really watch this doc, though, because it will make you laugh also:

Live Show: Flight Of The Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords‘ first season of the HBO show just ended recently and it was pretty cool. They also just released an EP called The Distant Future that it a really good collection of FotC gems. Here’s the song “Business Time” given the full album production treatment:

Flight Of The Conchords : The Distant Future : Business Time
Here’s a live FM radio show they did:

Flight of the Conchords
World Cafe
WXPN Studios
Philadelphia, PA
July 5, 2007

FM -> Harmon/Kardon 3380 Receiver -> Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro -> Creative Audio Creation Console -> WAV-> CD Wave Editor-> FLAC Frontend-> FLAC

SETLIST (19:07):

01. Introduction/Interview
02. Part-Time Model
03. Interview
04. A Kiss Is Not a Contract
05. Interview
06. All the Ladies in the World
07. Interview
08. Think About It, Think Think About It
09. Final Words

Flight of the Conchords are Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement

Download Lossless Torrent Here

Here’s some videos from the TV show:

Live Review: Bonnaroo 2007

We took a 16 car envoy from Atlanta to the event. We had some issues keeping everyone together, but at the end of about a 4 hour wait to get in early Thursday afternoon, we somehow managed to get everyone at the same camp. After setting up in Camp Han Solo, we got to drinking pretty hard and exploring the campgrounds before heading to see the music of the night. Upon entering Centeroo, we were held up in an extremely slow moving line to get in through security. The security didn’t really seem to be checking people particularly hard, but they were very slow. Complaints about security would be a theme shared by many people over the weekend, but everyone in our entourage would only be minorly inconvenienced by it. I started out the night checking out the NBA Finals in the Cinema Tent, and then going to see The National. I have to say I thought they were downright awful. We stuck around for about half of it, and it got a big thumbs down from me. Next we watched Dubconscious in the Troo Music Lounge, which was pretty good but not really my bag. The best show of the night we caught would be Rodrigo y Gabriela. Really cool acoustic guitar stuff. On my way back to my camp to do more drinking, I checked out the Yard Dogs Road Show at the Bonna Rouge tent and I thought that was really interesting.

Friday started off with me checking out Tortoise. I thought this was a really solid set from them and enjoyed it a lot, especially them doing Seneca, my favourite tune of theirs, for the encore. This is one of the few sets that have already emerged on the torrents and you can download it here:

Tortoise 2007-06-15 Bonnaroo Music Festival. This Tent. (FLAC)

I stayed at the stage and managed to get front row for Hot Chip. This was one of my favourite shows of the weekend. They did really different renditions of stuff off of The Warning. I’m a big fan of organic dance music, and these guys are on top of that game. Some phlogs:

I briefly checked out the beginning of The Roots and then went to pregame for what would be the best show of the weekend, Tool. Unfortunately for me, I ended up getting too blotto and I blacked out halfway through the already legendary set complete with crazy visuals and a guest appearance jamout with Tom Morello. Hopefully one of the other Ohmpark folks who actually saw the entire thing will do a review for it later this week as I don’t really have much to offer except it blew my mind. After regaining consciousness later on in the night, I went to see DJ Shadow. He was good but was the same exact thing I had seen recently in Atlanta and it seemed to pale in comparison to the Tool show. Plus Lateef The Truthspeaker is horrible and I had to leave when he came on. I caught the STS9 encore before heading back to the campgrounds and staying up until sunrise.

Saturday day seemed to be a ton of mediocre shows for me. I bounced around from Dr. Dog, to The Slip, to Regina Spektor, to Gogol Bordello, to Damien Rice, to Fountains Of Wayne. None of them were bad, but none of them really drew me in. The Warren Haynes interview at the Sonic Stage was pretty cool as you got to listen to him talk about the history of him and the Allman Brothers Band and Gov’t Mule. After all of that though, it was time for Ween. I’ve seen these guys many times and have never really loved them hardcore, but for this show they just brought it, and the crowd for the show was going insane. I would have never expected it at the beginning of the weekend, but I think this ended up being my favourite show of the ‘roo. Saturday night we went to see The Police, like just about every single person at the festival, and it was a bit of a let down for me. I don’t know if maybe my expectations were too high or what, but it just seemed really underwhelming. I’m glad i got to see them, but I definitely wouldn’t go see them again. Late night, I opted to check out Girl Talk over the Flaming Lips extravaganza that most everyone else caught. The Girl Talk show was a great dance party with a stage full of random folks getting down. After that I saw some of the Gov’t Mule set, but my memory is pretty hazy at this point so I don’t have a lot to say about it. Although I did not go see them, the Sasha and Digweed set would be the only late night set of the weekend that would creep into dawn.

On Sunday, we went extremely early to catch the Flight Of The Conchords. The 2 hours sitting in the hot sun were a high price to pay, but I’m glad to have seen these guys. Demetri Martin opened for them in the Comedy Tent. He was ok, but he seemed to be trying out a lot of new stuff, and not all of it was that great. The FOTC took the stage, they did a set consisting of older tunes, a couple off of the first HBO episode, and a few I didn’t recognize. They were good, but it was hard to hear what they were saying at times, and the songs i didn’t already know didn’t seem as good to me as the others. They ended with a version of Albi the Racist Dragon featuring Demetri Martin on harmonica that was pretty cool.

After that i was off to catch the extremely jazzy Ratdog set. Always good stuff. Next up was The Decemberists show. I had been wanting to catch these guys forever and they were impressive. A heavy dose of The Crane Wife plus some other great gems. After that I went to see Wilco, and they did one of the best sets I’ve ever see them do. You can tell now that the nu-Wilco line-up has finally come into their own and they were on fire. If you get a chance to check them out tonight in the ATL, I highly recommend you do so. My final show of the weekend would be the White Stripes, who were good but seemed a little stale to me. They just seem to lacking something and i’m not sure what. Maybe it had to do with the extremely packed crowd and me being so far away, but it didn’t impress me. Check it out for yourself:

The White Stripes 2007-06-17 Bonnaroo Which Stage

Overall, 2007 ranked fairly low among the other years for me personally, but that’s not to say it wasn’t unbelievably awesome, because it always is. I think I’m still coughing up dust. I feel like despite the move away from the Jamband heavy line-ups of the early days, they still don’t have the quantity of this decades best artists that Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Pitchforkfest boast. The biggest change this year would be the absolute clamp down on non-official vendors and the banning of sales of glass pieces. i have to say I do not like this development and I believe it was the final nail in the coffin of this festival being significantly married to the Jamband community. I knew from the first year on that eventually Bonnaroo would either get shut down or get more controlled, and so I do not dismay as much as the Bonnaroo haters out there on the mainstreaming of the fest, but the old days are officially gone. On the bright side, I would not expect Bonnaroo to get much worse in this way and so if this is what Bonnaroo now is, then I have no problem with it and will continue to attend as long as they keep putting together great line-ups, but I’m gonna have to go check out another hippie fest once in a while to get that part of the experience that is almost completely gone at the ‘roo. Here’s some facts and figures from the weekend:

Ornette Coleman suffered a heat stroke while on stage.

One man died this year bringing the alltime Bonnaroo death count to 6.

The Coffee County Sheriffs reported 47 arrests over the weekend.

Bonnaroo grossed an estimated $17 million, breaking it’s own record from last year as the highest grossing festival in the world.

Setlists of the weekend are being compiled here.

I Heart HBO

Last weekend, I went to the Flight Of The Conchords premiere show hosted at the Doo Gallery by Kissatlanta and watched the first episode of their new show on HBO. It was really good and the showing was a whole bunch of fun. Free booze, free food, free t-shirts. If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch the first episode here or as it airs on HBO next weekend. Here’s a video clip from it:

In addition to being obsessed with music, I also have some spare time for some other obsessions and HBO original TV shows are one of them. Sunday nights at my house we turn down all the lights, turn up the volume, and beat anyone down who talks while we watch some of the greatest TV ever made. Sure, HBO does occasionally put out some garbage (ie The Comeback), but when it gets things right, nothing can touch it.

Arguably HBO’s most successful TV show, The Sopranos, comes to an end tomorrow night. Despite many complaints of this two-part 6th season being “too slow”(although i would argue that The Sopranos was always slow to build up action; It’s been a dialogue driven show from the beginning), These last few weeks have been some of their best. I’m interested to see how things will end, will Tony die, go to jail, or wake up and realize he really is Kevin Finnerty?

With this show ending, though, HBO has some new stuff coming ,like the Flight Of The Conchords show and a new season of Big Love, and I’m hoping that they lives up to the Home Box Office legacy. The show I’m most excited about airs right after The Sopranos finale, John From Cincinnati. Deadwood is probably my second favourite TV show of all time despite the fact i normally hate westerns, so having its creator, David Milch, leave the show without finishing it because he was so excited to do this show, based on surfing and aliens (things i can really relate to), has got my expectations pretty high.

The moral of the story is be watching tomorrow night and if you’re on the fence about getting HBO, my suggestion is you do it, it’s well worth the extra change. Here’s some HBO related vids:

Making of John From Cincinatti:

Flight Of The Conchords doing “Hiphopopotamus vs Rhymenoceros”:

A Weekend In The City

It’s a great weekend for shows in the ATL. Today is all about Bloc Party. First, you can catch them for free doing a DJ set in Criminal Records at 6pm and later that night they will be at The Tabernacle with Maccabees and The Noisettes. While you are at Criminal Records, you can pick up the Whirlyball 7″, which features songs from Deerhunter, Selmanaires, Carbonas, and The Coathangers. The purchase of that record will also gain you entrance to the show Friday night featuring all of those bands at the Whirlyball place in the ‘burbs. I saw Mogwai there last year and it is an interesting venue. If you have a ticket to the soldout Kings Of Leon show at The Tabernacle Friday night, you will get to see the much better bands on the bill, Snowden and The Features. Another great Friday night show you could catch is Silver Lakes, Wax Fang, and Slushco at The Earl. Late night after all of the great music, Decatur Social Club is celebrating its 3-year anniversary and it looks to be really crazy.

Saturday and Sunday you should head down to The Virginia Highlands for Summerfest. The Selmanaires and Anna Kramer will be at Lenny’s Saturday night while Mitch Easter, Tim Lee 3, and The Preakness will be at The Earl. I think I’ll be checking oujt the Screening of the new Flight Of The Conchords HBO show sponsored by Kissatlanta at The Doo Gallery. As you might remember, I love these guys and am excited to see them at Bonnaroo. If you’re interested in attending, it is free, but you must RSVP. If you’re into hip-hop, you should go to The Masquerade Saturday night for Sage Francis, Buddy Wakefield, Buck 65, and Alias.

Ok, how about some tracks to preview:

Video Of The Day: Flight Of The Conchords

Newly added to Bonnaroo, this New Zealand duo is sort of like Tenacious D, but good. Check out one of their shows: