Harvest Of Hope Festival Day 3/Wrap-Up

Tokyo Police Club

Day three started just like day two, early and very hot. By this time I was already very sunburnt, perpetually hungover for days, and tired, but it was time to march on. Summerbirds In The Cellar kicked off the day with a set that started before noon. Hardly 15 people were there at the beginning, but by the time they left the stage the field was packed. It was great to finally hear this band on a good quality sound system. I have been hyping this Floridian band since I discovered them at Corndogorama last year, and I will continue to do so because they one of the best bands in the southeast US right now. They just floor me every time I hear them:

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Harvest Of Hope Festival Day 2

I started out the day hanging out with my neighbors at camp, who were all cool peeps. It turned out some of them were also there as press. It took me a while to secure my creds and power up my equipment, so the first band I saw was Deerhunter. The core members performed as a 4-piece and they played 2 new songs in a set that was heavy in older stuff. It was a very good show that finished off with a beautiful noise jam. The second video below is the first new song they played, but to perfectly honest, I thought it was a little boring. The other new one was great though:

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Harvest Of Hope Festival Day 1

I got a late start because i stayed at the Star Bar too late the night before i left. After a long, boring drive down, I arrived and only had to wait in traffic for about 10 minutes. That was nice, but then i had to lug all of my camping stuff from the parking lot area to the campsite area, and that wasn’t very fun. I did score a really sweet spot about a one minute walk to the front gate of the festival area. This fest is very small in scale, similar to Atlanta’s Echo Project in size.

I was unable to get my press credentials due to arriving too late, so I got to experience things as a mere mortal for the first night. I was pushing hard all day to try and make it in time for Tokyo Police Club, but they had some medical emergency and their set has been moved to the already ridiculously stacked Sunday lineup. Instead, i caught Grand Buffet, who were hip-hop that seemed to be aimed at a high school/not-great-taste-in-music crowd. It’s weird to hear rappers getting all political and dissing Republicans now that they are out of office. It doesn’t seem quite as pertinent.

After that I caught Girl Talk, which was the last act of the night. The set was chalked full of typical Girl Talk mashups, and I’ve realized that over time they are not as enjoyable to me as they once were. Even with 50 people on stage dancing around, it didn’t really hold my attention for the entire hour plus set. Here is a video of the beginning of his set:

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