[Stream] Lil Wayne: “A Milli” (BUSTED by heRobust)

Earlier this week, local beats master heRobust dropped a new remix of a recent classic.

heRobust soundcloud

[Stream] heRobust: “Doomfounded”

Over the course of 2012, heRobust has emerged as one the city’s leaders in electronic music, releasing several quality releases that are interesting and experimental, yet fun and accessible. His latest release is a 5 track EP called Screw Loose, and it showcases this beats composer at his best.

heRobust soundcloud

[Stream] heRobust: “Coma Toast” & “Abdominull”

One of my favourite local records to come out so far this year is heRobust‘s double album release from back in February, Late Night & Morning After. Both records are fun and adventurous, containing the perfect mix of experimentation and danceability. Here’s a cut from each release.

[Video] P Villa vs heRobust

A live improv performance by P Villa (drums) and heRobust @ 529

[Stream] heRobust: “Facebook Lift”

heRobust, aka Hayden Kramer, is dropping not just one, but two new records on February 1st. The first half of the double album is titled Late Night, which will contain lots of heavy bass hits and club bangers, while the second half of the double album, Morning After, will be lighter and more soulful. Today, he leaked two tracks from the forthcoming albums that you can pick up for free by liking his facebook page. Here’s a stream of one of them:

heRobust facebook

[Video] heRobust: “Atlantarctica” (Awful Session)

[Video] Dillon: “Space Pimpin” (BUSTED by heRobust)

Hijacking Music Festival 2011 Sampler

The 2011 Hijacking Music Festival, happening at the Goat Farm Saturday, November 12th, recently released a sampler of the cornucopia of local acts performing at the fest. Check it out below:

Hijacking Music Festival Facebook Page

Hijacking Music Festival Sampler 2011 by hijackingmusic

[Stream] Electronic Music of Atlanta Mix 1

I noticed P Villa just posted a mix of some of my favourite local electronic artists, so I figured I’d put it up here. I recommend checking out everyone on this:

Electronic Music of Atlanta (EMA) Promo Mix 1 by P Villa


Divine Interface – Lovers fracture
heRobust – Pixlelord – Fish Touch (Busted by heRobust)
C Powers – Slow Handed
P Villa ft. B Walts – J108
Time Wharp – 404′d
BOSCO – Pacer
Unda – Blurry Oranges
herobust – Fortune Howl – Samurai Sword (Busted by heRobust)
Divine Interface – Color Ways
10th Letter – S_H_I_F_T_
Mane Mane – Mom Moment
Ethereal – In my Honor
Yamin Semali aka AmDex -Slum Beautiful (Remix)
Introspective Minds ft. EsiwannA – Wonderfu1
P Villa – Get Dis Money (Remix)
Stacy Epps -2Life
Ethereal – Ultralord ft. Keith Charles
heRobust – Bambara – Drag Hesitation (Busted by heRobust)
10th Letter – Virgins Hymn
Unda – Tequila Sunrise
Mane Mane – Rain Mane
Dark Room -BatShit
BOSCO – Yea-yay
Stacy Epps – Now
10th Letter – Cosmic Coincidence
Time Wharp ft. Mickey Mickey Rourke – DADARK//SOFTFANG

Electronic Music of Atlanta facebook page

[Guest Mixtape] Time Wharp: Grant Park Mix

Being a huge fan of mixtapes, I decided it would be fun to have musicians, bloggers, labels, etc contribute mixes to Ohmpark this summer. To debut this new series, Time Wharp, aka Patrick Loggins, whose later. is one of my favourite records to come out so far this year, has put together a sampler of the new Atl beat sound. This is how he describes it:

here’s a grab-bag of what’s happening/what could be happening
a little cruise through the minds of current or self-proclaimed ATLiens

somebody’s gotta get this stuff out there
cultivate the sound in the city

Here’s the tracklist, which begins with an exclusive from Divine Interface, and listen/download the whole thing below:

Divine Interface : “Father Time”
C Powers : “Pashuniv”
P Villa : “Hydrogen”
Time Wharp : “mandelbrotset” (achy dromedary rmx)
Matthewdavid : “Noche y Dia / San Raphael”
OutKast : “Ms. Jackson” (Harmonimix)
Mane Mane : “Just Called 2″
REKchampa : “Nights”
DZA : “Softgram” (Busted by heRobust)

Grant Park Mix by Time Wharp

Time Wharp website

Grant Park Mix for Ohmpark by Time Wharp on Mixcloud

[Video] heRobust: “Snail Gate”

Snail gate from SlurpTV on Vimeo.

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