Langerado 2008 Day 4 And Wrap-Up

I got a late start on Sunday between being up late Saturday night and the time change. The first show I was able to catch after blogging was Keller Williams. He put a cool show like always. Keller is definitely on the side of the jamband spectrum I enjoy.

After that I checked out the non-music festival activities like merch tents, food, and of course the Ferris Wheel:

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Video Of The Day: Of Montreal at Langerado 2008 “Skakedown Street”

I got back from the fest around 2 in the morning, so while you wait for my Langerado Wrap-up and the other things I’ll post before leaving for SXSW tomorrow morning, here is Of Montreal jamming a Grateful Dead cover from Sunday night:

Langerado 2008 Day 3: Saturday

I got an early start on the music and checked out Blitzen Trapper first. I have had trouble getting into their new album, but for an afternoon festival live show, they were perfect. The country sounding stuff they do is not my flavour, but the psychedelic stuff they do is right up my alley.

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Video Of The Day: Dead Confederate At Langerado 2008

Langerado 2008 Day 2: Friday

Friday morning started with some early cocktails and chilling at the camp site. So far, this has been a larger battle against the environment than a typical fest. While I was initially worried about alligators, snakes, and mosquitoes, it turns out the most menacing wildlife is evil swamp ants with a nasty stinging bite. Between that, the “Rainarado” weather elements and the logistical issues that seemed to have plagued a fest at a new venue for the first time, it has made for an interesting adventure, but I firmly believe a great road trip requires obstacles to conquer, so it has been fun overcoming them.

The first band I caught were The Walkmen. I had not really heard these guys at all before going, but I decided to check them out because they were touring with Vampire Weekend. I thought they did a decent set, but they are not really my style.

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Langerado 2008 Day 1: Thursday

We stayed in St. Pete Beach Wednesday night to make our Thursday traveling a bit shorter. After getting to the exit around 1pm, We heard a rumour that it was taking over 4 hours waiting in line to enter the festival grounds at the last stop gas station that was bustling with activity. It turned out to be more like 2 hours, which wasn’t too bad considering everyone had to go down a one-lane road.

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