[Video] Lazer/Wulf: “Lagarto” (indieATL Session)

[Photos] From Exile, Lazer/Wulf, Brain @ Drunken Unicorn (2/3/12)



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[Stream] Lazer/Wulf: “Sacrilicious”

Athens instrumental prog-metalists Lazer/Wulf have been swinging through Atlanta more often lately, which is a great development. Their technical prowess is stunning, and their brutal sonic assault is still rather accessible. They recently put their 2009 release, The Void That Isn’t, up on bandcamp, so below is a stream of the first track. Also, they are paired up with From Exile and three other metal acts tomorrow (Thursday, Feb 24) night at The Five Spot for what should be an epic show.

[Photos + Review] Cinemechanica, Manray, Lazer/Wulf @ 529 (1/29/11)

All photos by Clint Miller

Saturday, I went to see Athens based, Cinemechanica at 529 in East Atlanta. I had never seen them live before, but had heard that cardiac arrest and brain aneurysms were key components to their live show. There was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity like that even if my life, or more realistically, my ears, were at stake.

The first band to play, Lazer/Wulf, was a three-piece, and my expectations were low. They looked like typical frat-guys who decided to ditch the tailgate party and start a band that wears warrior-style face paint. Although, it was the fact that they were the first out of three unknown bands to play that led to my low expectations, not their appearance. I was pleasantly surprised as soon as they took the stage and began to play. I found myself compelled to move with the music and stare open-jawed at the guitarist who was playing notes faster than I previously thought was humanly possible.

They alternate between traditional metal and speed metal, although they make the sound their own. I was surprised at how well they sounded live while having only three members. The guitarist was the best part of the show via getting the crowd amped and making strange faces, although, what really helped was the fact that he is insanely proficient at playing his instrument. The bassist and guitarist both entered the crowd several times while playing extremely technical solos. The only drawback to seeing this band live was the semi-annoying fan-base that had followed them from Athens. (I knew they were from Athens because every time one of the bands mentioned they were from Athens, multiple people shouted “wooo! Athens, Yeah!” )About 2/3 into their set, an impromptu mosh pit broke out, reminding me why I stay away from 90% of all metal shows. Luckily this was the ‘friendly’ mosh pit and not the ‘punch everything that moves’ type pit. Still, though, its never fun to have beer spilled on your face.

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What Up In The ATL?

Best Shows In Atlanta April 20 – 26:


Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Sister Suvi, Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers @ The Earl


Lazer/Wulf, McClane + dudecity DJ’s @ 529


Acid Mothers Temple, Sonic Suicide Squad @ The Earl

Nigredo, The Bronzed Chorus, Bambara @ Drunken Unicorn


A Fight to the Death, Sea Lions @ 529

Casper & the Cookies, Last November, Pleasure Cruise, Misfortune 500 @ Star Bar


Peelander-Z, Attractive Eighties Women, Excalibrah @ The Earl

Attention System, SlowEarth, Spy For Hire, The Julia Dream @ Lenny’s


Starfucker, Guidance Counselor, Tealights @ Drunken Unicorn

Jamie Stewart (of Xiu Xiu), Imagination Head, Nerdkween @ WonderRoot

Pistolero (CD release), North Elementary, Thee Crucials @ Star Bar

Pistolero, Starfucker @ Criminal Records


Richard Lloyd & the Sufi Monkey Trio (of Television), The Seventh Ring of Saturn @ The Earl

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ Variety Playhouse

Mp3 Previews:

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down : Beat (Health, Life And Fire)
Lazer/Wulf : Lagarto
Acid Mothers Temple : Milky Way Star
A Fight to the Death : Killdeer
Starfucker : Isabella Of Castile

Corndogorama 2008 Sunday (Day 4 and Wrap-Up)

Corndogorama 2008 was called “The Year Of the Mustard King”, but it should have been called “The Year of the Crybaby Hipster Haters”. I’ll get to that shortly, but first my Sunday experience. It seemed every day involved a high speed race across the city to arrive in time to catch a specific band, and today’s band that began playing just as I arrived was Lazer/Wulf. This instrumental metal power trio from Athens brought it hard and dirty. Their on-stage demeanor was subtly hilarious while displaying some serious musical prowess. They were a great start to a fun day:

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