Ohmpark Mixtape #25: The Summer of Water

Ohmpark Mixtape #25: The Summer of Water

deadCAT :: “Flights”
Bibio :: “À tout à l’heure”
Shannon And The Clams :: “Rip VanWinkle”
Still Corners :: “All I Know”
Blue Hawaii :: “Try To Be”
Mood Rings :: “The Line”
Wild Nothing :: “Ride”
Nobra Noma :: “Anchors”
Work Drugs :: “Mavericks”
Teen Daze :: “The Endless Summer”
Hydrabadd :: “Sanctuary” (ft. Abra)
Daft Punk :: “Lose Yourself To Dance” (Feat. Pharrell Williams)
Chvrches :: “The Mother We Share” (Modern Dealer Mix)
Vondelpark :: “Always Forever” (Tuesday Born remix)
Small Black :: “Free At Dawn”
Hello Ocho :: “Party on a Raincloud”

Photos by Adrienne Darnell. More super dreamy film at PRIM PROPER NAPKIN.

Ohmpark Mixtape #24: Summer 2012

animas vast
deadcat bitchs
faun and a pan flute sunset dolphin boat ride ’98
nobra noma western shore
vox celeste be yourself
dark room let’s go back there
nomen novum ahhh silent field
tree witch laika
cassandras slow boat coming
hello ocho stickin to the sheets
new animal far away
the outer champagne

Ohmpark Mixtape #23: 2012, A Prologue

Here’s a collection of songs by local artists that just missed my 2011 blogging season. All of these deserve their own blog post, but I haven’t had the time. So instead, I used them to build a mixtape. You can click on the album art images below to find more about each song:

Shook Foil : “The Monument”

Cute Boots : “The Fire”

Dark Room : “Ice Swimming”

Easily Suede : “Great Fantastic”

Lotus Plaza : “Christmas In Whosbekistanstanstan”

Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters : “Seasonal Suite #62″

ODIST : “Pyramid Eyes”

Order of The Owl : “Bandsaw”

Christ, Lord : “I Was” (Live)

Solitude : “Jenny Lee”

[Guest Mixtape] Places: Morning Ride

Our latest guest mixtape comes from Nicolo Giarrano, the man behind one of the most compelling new acts in the Atlanta music scene, Places. Over just the last year, Places has output an impressive catalog of music, both in terms of quality and quantity. Anyway, here’s what he said about the mixtape he’s put together for us:

This is best listened to early in the morning, when the air outside is so still you wouldn’t dare disturb it, when you want to let the day ease into the music, allowing the morning birds to add accompaniment. This is for when your ears are too sensitive after their quiet night of dreaming. When the slight burning in your calves is outweighed by the breeze brushing over you as the sun peeks through the trees, when the weather is having an identity crisis. This is for when you know you’re going to have a good day.

Enjoy this twenty minute mix, and then don’t forget to catch the Places live band at the Goat Farm on Sunday (October 23rd) for The 4th Atlanta SOUL Project.

Places : Morning Ride Mix


1. Brian Eno : “Drift”
2. Boards of Canada : “Melissa Juice”
3. Clay Pitts : “Caribbean Sunrise”
4. Nancy Adams : “Love”
5. The Beach Boys : “Let’s Go Away For a While”
6. Koji Kondo : “Inside the Deku Tree”
7. Places : “High School Pretty”
8. Koushik : “Forest Loop”
9. The Avalanches : “Slow Walking”
10. Boards of Canada : “Over The Horizon Radar”

Places bandcamp
Places tumblr

[Guest Mixtape] Primitive Patterns

Atlanta has quite a few record labels doing cool things right now, but one of the best new labels to crop up recently is Primitive Patterns. Their aesthetic seems to line up very close to my own taste. So give a listen to this great mix put together by Primitive Pattern’s Adam Babar of Easily Suede and Faun And A Pan Flute.

Download Mixtape

Primitive Patterns Bandcamp

primitivepatterns mixtape by primitivepatterns

[Guest Mixtape] Vocabulary: Hopefull Impressions

Being a huge fan of mixtapes, I decided it would be fun to have musicians, bloggers, labels, etc contribute mixes to Ohmpark. This latest guest mixtape comes from Savannah, Georgia’s Cameron Allen, aka Vocabulary. I’ve spent a lot of time this summer listening to Vocabulary‘s Faded Days, which Pitchfork reviewed earlier this year, and if you have yet to give it a spin, you should really do so because it’s one of the year’s most underrated records. So, here’s the mixtape he put together for us, complete with photos he took. Enjoy:


1. Cornelius : “Bird Watching At Inner Forest”
2. Klaus Wunderlich : “Summertime”
3. Stereolab : “Brakhage”
4. Anna-Anna : “Mirrors of America”
5. Jacob Hoffman and Kendal’s Orchestra : “Dinoa & Hora”
6. Arthur Russell : “I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face”
7. Cocteau Twins : “Lorelei”
8. Clark : “Ted” (Bibio Remix)
9. Kamar & Black Diamonds : “Egun Dude”
10. Vocabulary : “Walk In The Park”
11. Ty Segall : “Finger”
12. Magical Power Mako : “Oh, Sunny Day”
13. Takagi Masakatsu : “Fore”
14. Antena : “Frantz”

Hopefull Impressions by Vocabulary

Vocabulary bandcamp

Ohmpark Mixtape #22: Another Summer Mix

Living Rooms : “Two Faced”
Cults : “Go Outside”
Bodies Of Water : “Like A Stranger”
Generationals : “Ten Twenty Ten”
Beach Fossils featuring Jack Tatum : “Out In The Way”
White Denim : “Drugs”
Kinisi : “Half a Bottle”
Exact Index : “Ready To Know”
Seabright : “Sea Samba”
Warning Light : “Europa By Rail”
Washed Out : “Amor Fati”
New Animal : “Lift You Up”
Here We Go Magic : “Song In Three”
The Rosebuds : “Come Visit Me”
Thao & Mirah : “Hallelujah”
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes : “Home”

Photos by Adrienne Claire Darnell. More super dreamy photos at Prim Proper Napkin.

[Guest Mixtape] David Mansfield of Double Phantom Records

Being a huge fan of mixtapes, I decided it would be fun to have musicians, bloggers, labels, etc contribute mixes to Ohmpark this summer. For the second installment of this series, David Mansfield of Double Phantom Records and the now defunct Roman Photos has put together a summer mixtape for us. Double Phantom has been around roughly as long as this blog, and in that time, it’s become an institution in Atlanta’s independent music scene. My favourite thing about DP is that it features a wide range of diversity. Not only are there so many aesthetically different artists collected under one banner, but the label releases in all sorts of formats, from vinyl to CD to free downloads at Double Phantom Digital.

Anyway, here’s what David Mansfield had to say about his mixtape:

I love making mixtapes, make one each month based on that month, memories of that month, and the season. So this one is a summer one technically. Pretty much I fell in love with all these songs in summer, and a lot of them make me think of other places and going somewhere. Travel is very important to me. But for me it also captures the experience of a hot summer day then slowly going into the balmy night. Hope you dig it! It was fun to do it.


1. Happy Mondays : “Tart Tart”
2. The Slits : “Love Und Romance”
3. Wire : “Strange”
4. Blur : “Tune 2″
5. Nicolas Jaar : “Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust”
6. A Tribe Called Quest : “Youthful Expression”
7. The Pharcyde : “Otha Fish”
8. The Avalanches : “Frontier Psychiatrist”
9. Simonal : “Nem Vem que Nao Tem”
10. Françoise Hardy : “C’est Le Passe”
11. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood : “Down From Dover”
12. Saint Etienne : “People Get Real”
13. Matthew Dear : “Pom Pom”
14. Siouxie And The Banshess : “Kiss Them For Me”
15. Aphex Twin : “Pulsewidth”
16. Kraftwerk : “Neon Lights” (live)
17. Brian Eno : “Everything Merges With The Night”

Double Phantom Guest Mixtape

Download tracks individually

Double Phantom Records

Roman Photos Blog

[Guest Mixtape] Time Wharp: Grant Park Mix

Being a huge fan of mixtapes, I decided it would be fun to have musicians, bloggers, labels, etc contribute mixes to Ohmpark this summer. To debut this new series, Time Wharp, aka Patrick Loggins, whose later. is one of my favourite records to come out so far this year, has put together a sampler of the new Atl beat sound. This is how he describes it:

here’s a grab-bag of what’s happening/what could be happening
a little cruise through the minds of current or self-proclaimed ATLiens

somebody’s gotta get this stuff out there
cultivate the sound in the city

Here’s the tracklist, which begins with an exclusive from Divine Interface, and listen/download the whole thing below:

Divine Interface : “Father Time”
C Powers : “Pashuniv”
P Villa : “Hydrogen”
Time Wharp : “mandelbrotset” (achy dromedary rmx)
Matthewdavid : “Noche y Dia / San Raphael”
OutKast : “Ms. Jackson” (Harmonimix)
Mane Mane : “Just Called 2″
REKchampa : “Nights”
DZA : “Softgram” (Busted by heRobust)

Grant Park Mix by Time Wharp

Time Wharp website

Grant Park Mix for Ohmpark by Time Wharp on Mixcloud

Ohmpark Mixtape #21: The Dawn Of Summer

Young Again : “Skin The Arms”
Panda Bear : “Alsatian Darn”
Here We Go Magic : “Backwards Time”
Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun : “Old Monster”
tUnE-YarDs : “Bizness”
Mother Mother : “Simply Simple”
Feast Of Violet featuring Featureless Ghost : “Doomsday”
Beachtapes : “Santa Maria”
Places : “Sweet Melinda”
Dark Room : “Stutter”
Easily Suede : “Movie Night”
Radiohead : “Lotus Flower”
New Animal : “Out There”

Ohmpark Mixtape #20: Atlanta Music 2011.25

Photos by Kevin Griggs

Enjoy a mix highlighting ten of my favourites in Atlanta music lately:

Jungol : “Who’s In Bed”
Buy Over the Sun and Under the Radar

Little Tybee : “Nero”
Pre-order Humorous To Bees

Places : “Black Lion”
Download Cough Cough

New Animal : “Lazy Summer”
Download New Animal

Qurious : “River Run”
Download Planet Plant

Time Wharp : “clstrphlia.”
Download later.

Isness : “It’s Like This”
Download A Tram

The Back Pockets : “Australia”
Download Bulla

Wowser Bowser : “Water Story”
Download Water Story 7″

Red Sea : “Manuka”
Download Weird Problem

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