[Stream] Qurious: “Rubies” & “Gold”

I’ve only listened to the new, forthcoming Qurious record twice, but it’s already one of my favourite albums to come out this year. A bit farther down the ambient rabbit hole than this duo’s previous efforts, Void Vanishing is a cathedral of texture. So many Pokies distinct pieces are weaved together perfectly to build an ethereal blanket of sound. Here are the first two singles, which have already been floating around, and then be sure to pick up a copy of Void Vanishing when it becomes available next week.

Qurious bandcamp

Ohmpark’s Top 10 Music Videos of 2011

10. Oryx and Crake: “Unbound”

9. From Exile featuring Emil Werstler: “A Warm Place” (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

8. Slowriter: “Black Leaves”

7. Damon Moon And The Whispering Drifters: “Motherless Child”

Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters “Motherless Child” from Chris Thiessen on Vimeo.

6. Lyonnais: “Dusted At Mount Sinai”

Lyonnais – Dusted At Mount Sinai from Lyonnais on Vimeo.

5. The Back Pockets: “Break Up Song”

4. Qurious: “Another Language”

3. Mane Mane: “Twinkl Sr”

Mane Mane – Twinkl Sr from Aaron Katsnelson on Vimeo.

2. Little Tybee: “I Wonder Which House The Fish Will Live In”

1. Little Tybee: “Boxcar Fair”

Little Tybee – “Boxcar Fair” from Little Tybee on Vimeo.

[Mixtape] “New Electronic South” by Double Phantom Digital

Double Phantom Digital just released a stellar compilation called New Electronic South. As the title implies, the record showcases twelve local artists that are pushing boundaries in electronic music. You definitely want to go download this one for free.


Qurious : “Low Tide” (feat. Joe Crabb)
Kinisi : “Weekdaze”
Featureless Ghost : “Data Garbage”
Stranded : “Ritual”
Chambers : “Death, Life, the Divine”
Feast of Violet : “Sudden”
Living Rooms : “Fluke”
Travis Thatcher : “Night Falls”
Kolossi : “Gather”
Warning Light : “Newfound Glances”
Exact Index : “Girl”
Twins : “Come Back”

Download New Electronic South

[Video] Qurious: “Another Language”

[Mp3] Qurious: “Photinus”

I’ve been listening to a lot of Qurious lately, especially their first release from 2009, Transmission Permissions. The five plus a bonus track record feels more like a collection of demos when compared to the epic Planet Plant, but it’s interesting to hear the early stages of one of the most unique and impressive bands in this city. Here’s my favourite from it:

Qurious : “Photinus”

Download/Stream Transmission Permissions

Ohmpark Mixtape #20: Atlanta Music 2011.25

Photos by Kevin Griggs

Enjoy a mix highlighting ten of my favourites in Atlanta music lately:

Jungol : “Who’s In Bed”
Buy Over the Sun and Under the Radar

Little Tybee : “Nero”
Pre-order Humorous To Bees

Places : “Black Lion”
Download Cough Cough

New Animal : “Lazy Summer”
Download New Animal

Qurious : “River Run”
Download Planet Plant

Time Wharp : “clstrphlia.”
Download later.

Isness : “It’s Like This”
Download A Tram

The Back Pockets : “Australia”
Download Bulla

Wowser Bowser : “Water Story”
Download Water Story 7″

Red Sea : “Manuka”
Download Weird Problem

[Video] Qurious: “Aurora Borealis”

Aurora Borealis from Qurious on Vimeo.

[Photos] Qurious, Lille @ Drunken Unicorn (1/17/11)

(click to enlarge)



[Mp3] Qurious: “Saltation”

I finally gave a listen to Atlanta duo Qurious‘ new record, Planet Plant, which was released digitally for free via Double Phantom Digital in September, and I’m totally hearting it. Sonically, it’s sort of in High Place/Zola Jesus territory, spacey dream pop, but much more experimental and ambient. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be playing the hell of this record for the rest of the year, so be sure to get yourself a copy and do the same:

Qurious : “Saltation”

Download/Stream Planet Plant

Qurious myspace

Double Phantom Digital