Live Show: Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group (3/17/09)


The ridiculously prolific The Mars Volta mastermind is releasing yet another album next month under the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group banner. Titled Xenophanes, it will be the first work to feature vocals from Omar himself. This show from earlier this year features the same incarnation of the Group found on the new record.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group
Gebaeude 9
Cologne, Germany
Recorded by a_doubt

Track list:
01 Boiling Death Request A Body To Rest Its Head On 11:23
02 Victims Del Cielo 10:36
03 Dyna Sark Arches 9:19
04 Las Flores Con Limon 7:55
05 Ila Hysteria 7:09
06 Locomocion Capilar 4:08
07 Here The Tame Go By 10:17
08 Population Council’s Wet Dream 5:55
09 How To Bill The Bilderberg Group 14:31
10 Jacob Van Lennepkade 19:02
11 Dankeschoen 1:24
12 New York City 5:03

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez · guitar
Mark Aanderud · keyboards
Juan Alderete De La Peña · bass
Thomas Pridgen · drums
Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez · keyboards & multiple instruments
Ximena Sariñana Rivera · vocals

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  1. bret Says: October 31st, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Xenophanes has been blowing my mind, this is the probably the most comprehensive release of his, excluding TMV records, ever.

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