[Mp3] Vontae the Villain: “I Am A Zombie”

These days, the hip-hop that I find to be most compelling tends to be instrumental and experimental, and the latest local artist I’ve stumbled across who is pushing the boundaries of beats is Vontae The Villain. His record \ ill uni cornati / is packed full of abstract and trippy soundscapes that are constantly shifting in speed and shape. Pick it up for free.

Vontae the Villain : “I Am A Zombie”

Download \ ill uni cornati /

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One Response to “[Mp3] Vontae the Villain: “I Am A Zombie””
  1. Not a Buzzkill Says: May 27th, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Not trying to be a buzzkill or trying to be “that guy”, but this song is literally just a Mono/Poly track slowed down:


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