Ohmpark’s Top 20 Albums of 2012

20. deadCAT :: Furniture

19. TIme Wharp :: BLK EP

18. Quiet Hours :: When I Was Dreaming

17. Dark Room :: Canopy View

16. Nomen Novum :: Fresh Petroglyphs

15. PLS PLS :: EP EP

14. Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters :: Lungs, Dirt, & Dreams

13. All The Saints :: Intro To Fractions

12. Killer Mike :: R.A.P. Music

11. Lotus Plaza :: Spooky Action at Buy Cialis a Distance

10. Easily Suede :: Signalling

9. heRobust :: Late Night / Morning After

8. Faun and a Pan Flute :: Cool Galaxy

7. Where.Are.We :: And Who Are All These Mystics?

6. Magicicada :: PRE

5. Royal Thunder :: CVI

4. Wowser Bowser :: Wowser Bowser

3. Qurious :: Void Vanishing

2. Adron :: Organismo

1. Nomen Novum :: If You Look For It, It’s There

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[Stream] Easily Suede: “David’s Room”

Easily Suede left us a Christmas present, an eight song collection that includes various ambient pieces along with songs that didn’t quite fit onto another album called RELIEFS, which is due out in February.

Easily Suede bandcamp

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[Stream] Chris Childs: “A Very Weird Christmas”

Here’s another Christmas album freshly released, this one by Chris Childs (Faun and a Pan Flute, Mediocre Machine).

Chris Childs bandcamp

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[Stream] Yhris Conker & The Stocking Stuffers: Christmas Hits 1993

Hello Ocho‘s “Yhris Conker” and friends just unveiled a seasonal album on this Christmas Eve. Below you can stream the entire record for your holiday enjoyment.

Yhris Conker & The Stocking Stuffers bandcamp

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Ohmpark’s Top 10 Music Videos of 2012

10. Cousin Dan – “F Bomb”

9. New Animal – “Falling Up”

8. Sealions – “Golden”

7. HYDRABADD – “The Yungest Boi Alive”

6. Snowden – “The Beat Comes”

5. Adron – “Jorgonian of the Midnight Sun”

4. Algiers – “Blood”

Algiers – Blood from Algiers on Vimeo.

3. Nomen Novum – “Anita, Korea”

Nomen Novum – Anita, Korea from david bonawits on Vimeo.

2. Lyonnais – “A Sign From On High / Modern Calvary”

Lyonnais – A Sign From On High / Modern Calvary from Lyonnais on Vimeo.

1. Hello Ocho – “Party on a Raincloud”

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[Stream] The 100 Watt Horse and Tomahawk Deb: “If You Steal My Sunshine, There Will Be Beautiful Rain”

Jake and George from Wowser Bowser have combined their respective solo projects.

The 100 Watt Horse and Tomahawk Deb bandcamp

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[Stream] Purling: “Protectors Of The Night”

Purling is Dayvid McClung (Magic Apron) + Nathan Brown (Tree Creature).

Purllng bandcamp

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[Stream] Perfect High Fives Every Time!: “Milk”

Perfect High Fives Every Time! bandcamp

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[Video] Iron Jayne: “Ship”

The first single from Iron Jayne, which features Emily Kempf (, which features Emily Kempf (Back madonna pokies Pockets), Ryan Odom (Cassandras), and Garrett Goss.

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This Holiday Season In Atlanta Music

Monday, December 17th:

Babar, Father Figures, Samadha, Where.Are.We @ 529

Wednesday, December 19th:

Ahleuchatistas, Reverends, Odist, Scaffolds @ 529

Thursday, December 20th:

Baby Baby, El Fossil, Del Venicci, TV Dinner @ 529

Irreversible (record release), Manray, Dark Room @ The Earl

Friday, December 21st:

Wowser Bowser, Qurious, Perfect High Fives Everytime @ Drunken Unicorn

All the Saints, The Liverhearts @ The Earl

Invent Room Pop 20 @ Beep Beep Gallery

Futurebirds, Diarrhea Planet, New Madrid @ Terminal West

Saturday, December 22nd:

Time Wharp, DT (beat set), Warped Galaxies, Rekchampa
@ 529

Futurebirds, Natural Child, Turf War @ Terminal West

Monday, December 24th:

NO EYES (DJ Set), HYDRABADD (DJ Set), Young $talin (DJ Set), Khal‡eesl (DJ Set) @ 529

Wednesday, December 26th:

Hello Cobra, Palaces, Absence of Ocean @ 529

Thursday, December 27th:

Os Ovni, Featureless Ghosts, Anticipation, Tifaret @ 529

The Higher Choir, Larkin Poe, The Barlettas @ The Earl

Friday, December 28th:

Dead Confederate (performing “Wrecking Ball”), Roadkill Ghost Choir, Kalen Nash (of Ponderosa) @ The Earl

Saturday, December 29th:

deadCAT, The Difference Machine @ 529

Dead Confederate (performing “Peyote People”), Saint Pé, Abby Go Go @ The Earl

How I Became The Bomb, Cute Boots, Factory @ Star Bar

Sunday, December 30th:

Faun and a Pan Flute, Frank Hurricane, Red Sea, Christ, Lord, Memes @ The Office

Monday, December 31st:

Royal Thunder, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Caltrop @ 529

Man or Astro-Man?, Tiger! Tiger!, El Fossil @ The Earl

Noot D’Noot, Carnivores @ Drunken Unicorn

Cousin Dan, The Biters, The Forty-Fives, Dino’s Boys, Birdwings, Gun Party @ Star Bar

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[Stream] Magicicada: “Cremation Of Care”

Magicicada‘s latest effort, PRE, is probably the most epic and ambitious purely-experimental record to come out of the city this year. Each and every track is on an entirely different level of insanity. It’s a must hear for adventurous listeners. Here’s the most accessible piece from the album to sample, and then go pick up the whole thing through Primitive Patterns.

Magicicada bandcamp

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