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After a fun hiatus, I have returned with a new project. I will now be blogging about Atlanta music, as well as local art and literature, at an online store all later this year, so please check out the following links to follow what’s happening:

Deer Bear Wolf Tumblr
Deer Bear Wolf Facebook
Deer Bear Wolf Twitter

Thanks for reading Ohmpark, and I hope you’ll enjoy my latest project.

[Photos] Ohmpark Fest

From Exile:

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[Video] On Holiday: “Tides”

On Holiday – Tides from Vimeo.

[Video] Royal Thunder: “Blue”

[Video] Abby GoGo: “White Car” (indieATL Session)


[Stream] Hello Ocho: “Fandancy”

Yesterday, Hello Ocho released their self-titled, debut record, which will no doubt be one of the best albums to come out in 2013. Here’s a track to stream, and then go pick up the entire thing for whatever price you want.

Hello Ocho bandcamp

2012 In Photos

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[Video] deadCAT: “Body Party” (indieATL Session)

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Ohmpark’s Top 20 Albums of 2012

20. deadCAT :: Furniture

19. TIme Wharp :: BLK EP

18. Quiet Hours :: When I Was Dreaming

17. Dark Room :: Canopy View

16. Nomen Novum :: Fresh Petroglyphs

15. PLS PLS :: EP EP

14. Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters :: Lungs, Dirt, & Dreams

13. All The Saints :: Intro To Fractions

12. Killer Mike :: R.A.P. Music

11. Lotus Plaza :: Spooky Action at Buy Cialis a Distance

10. Easily Suede :: Signalling

9. heRobust :: Late Night / Morning After

8. Faun and a Pan Flute :: Cool Galaxy

7. Where.Are.We :: And Who Are All These Mystics?

6. Magicicada :: PRE

5. Royal Thunder :: CVI

4. Wowser Bowser :: Wowser Bowser

3. Qurious :: Void Vanishing

2. Adron :: Organismo

1. Nomen Novum :: If You Look For It, It’s There

[Stream] Easily Suede: “David’s Room”

Easily Suede left us a Christmas present, an eight song collection that includes various ambient pieces along with songs that didn’t quite fit onto another album called RELIEFS, which is due out in February.

Easily Suede bandcamp

[Stream] Chris Childs: “A Very Weird Christmas”

Here’s another Christmas album freshly released, this one by Chris Childs (Faun and a Pan Flute, Mediocre Machine).

Chris Childs bandcamp

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