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This Holiday Season In Atlanta Music

Monday, December 17th:

Babar, Father Figures, Samadha, Where.Are.We @ 529

Wednesday, December 19th:

Ahleuchatistas, Reverends, Odist, Scaffolds @ 529

Thursday, December 20th:

Baby Baby, El Fossil, Del Venicci, TV Dinner @ 529

Irreversible (record release), Manray, Dark Room @ The Earl

Friday, December 21st:

Wowser Bowser, Qurious, Perfect High Fives Everytime @ Drunken Unicorn

All the Saints, The Liverhearts @ The Earl

Invent Room Pop 20 @ Beep Beep Gallery

Futurebirds, Diarrhea Planet, New Madrid @ Terminal West

Saturday, December 22nd:

Time Wharp, DT (beat set), Warped Galaxies, Rekchampa
@ 529

Futurebirds, Natural Child, Turf War @ Terminal West

Monday, December 24th:

NO EYES (DJ Set), HYDRABADD (DJ Set), Young $talin (DJ Set), Khal‡eesl (DJ Set) @ 529

Wednesday, December 26th:

Hello Cobra, Palaces, Absence of Ocean @ 529

Thursday, December 27th:

Os Ovni, Featureless Ghosts, Anticipation, Tifaret @ 529

The Higher Choir, Larkin Poe, The Barlettas @ The Earl

Friday, December 28th:

Dead Confederate (performing “Wrecking Ball”), Roadkill Ghost Choir, Kalen Nash (of Ponderosa) @ The Earl

Saturday, December 29th:

deadCAT, The Difference Machine @ 529

Dead Confederate (performing “Peyote People”), Saint Pé, Abby Go Go @ The Earl

How I Became The Bomb, Cute Boots, Factory @ Star Bar

Sunday, December 30th:

Faun and a Pan Flute, Frank Hurricane, Red Sea, Christ, Lord, Memes @ The Office

Monday, December 31st:

Royal Thunder, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children, Caltrop @ 529

Man or Astro-Man?, Tiger! Tiger!, El Fossil @ The Earl

Noot D’Noot, Carnivores @ Drunken Unicorn

Cousin Dan, The Biters, The Forty-Fives, Dino’s Boys, Birdwings, Gun Party @ Star Bar

This Week In Atlanta Music (Dec 10 – 16)

Monday, December 10th:

Kirkwood Ballers Club @ Star Bar

So So Glos, Red Sea, Walter Frobos @ The Masquerade

Wednesday, December 12th:

Trinumeral @ Terminal West

Twins, Feast of Violet, Siamese Flag @ 529

Friday, December 14th:

Order Of The Owl, Demonaut, Halmos, Twin Trances, Totally Awesome Dude @ 529

Blackfox, New Terminus, R_Garcia, Palaces , Capillaries @ The Basement

Jeffrey Butzer- T.T. Mahony (performing Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas”), Chad Shivers and the Silent Knights (performing “The Ventures Christmas Album”), Jeffrey Butzer and the Bicycle Eaters @ The Earl

Saturday, December 15th:

Hello Ocho, Little Tybee, Christ, Lord, Babar, Tantrum, Spirit Temple @ Star Bar

Awolnation, Snowden, PLS PLS @ Atlantic Station Central Park

Jeffrey Butzer- T.T. Mahony (performing Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas”), Chad Shivers and the Silent Knights (performing “The Ventures Christmas Album”), Jeffrey Butzer and the Bicycle Eaters @ The Earl

This Week In Atlanta Music (Dec 3 – 9)

Monday, December 3rd:

The Hotels, Qurious, Highlander, Sex BBQ @ 529

Wednesday, December 5th:

Cousin Dan, Jkap, Goldyard, Grind Theory @ Star Bar

Thursday, December 6th:

Noot D’ Noot, Grand Prize Winners From Last Year, From Exile, Brother Hawk, Andy Deloach @ Star Bar

Nung River, 10th Letter, Rekchampa, Divine Interface @ 529

Friday, December 7th: Viagra

Mr Gnome, Fader Vixen, Nobra Noma @ Drunken Unicorn

Saturday, December 8th:

Cursory, Warning Light, Coyote Illusion Illustrated, Tree Creature, Magicicada, Heavy Light, hoka no na, Herzog Drei @ The Office

Brain, Cusses, Fine Peduncle, Hail the Titans, Hanzelle, Jungol, Nigredo, Psychedubasaurus Rex, Sneaky Hand, Swank Sinatra, Tricil @ 529

The Happenstance @ The Earl

This Week In Atlanta Music (Nov 26 – Dec 2)

Monday, November 26th:

David Bazan Band plays Pedro the Lion‘s “Control,” Stagnant Pools @ The Earl

Om, Daniel Higgs, High Bias @ 529

Tuesday, November 27th:

Red Sea, Small Reactions, Hear Hums, Freak Heat Waves, Perfect High Fives Everytime @ 529

Wednesday, November 28th:

Gull, deadCAT, Vegan Coke @ The Basement

Thursday, November 29th:

The Mountain Goats Cialis Online, Matthew E. White @ Terminal West

Faun and a Pan Flute, Christ, Lord, Spirit Temple @ The Earl

Vegan Coke, Lazer/Wulf, Hello Cobra, Baby Shoes @ Star Bar

Friday, November 30th:

Imagination Head (record release), Little Tybee, Casper & The Cookies @ Star Bar

Odist, Duende, Babar @ The Earl

Saturday, December 1st:

Japandroids, Swearin’ @ Terminal West

This Week In Atlanta Music (Nov 19 – 25)

Tuesday, November 20th:

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun (“Almost Acoustic” set), Alexis & the Samurai, Forget Cassettes @ The Earl

Wednesday, November 21st:

Qurious (record release), Feast Of Violet, Easily Suede @ Drunken Unicorn

Social Studies, The Difference Machine, No Eyes, Nomen Novum @ 529

Friday, November 23rd:

Kaki King, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper @ Terminal West

Sealions, Moodrings, Tomahawk Deb @ The Earl

Saturday, November 24th:

Rising Appalachia, Christ, Lord @ The Goat Farm

Sunday, November 25th:

Little Tybee (dunch set) @ The Earl

This Week In Atlanta Music (Nov 12 – 18)

Monday, November 12th:

El Fossil, Bezoar, Halmos @ 529

Thursday, November 15th:

Pinback, Solos @ Terminal West

Street Mother, Dromez, Suffer Bomb Damage, Every Other Band in Atlanta @ The Drones Club

Friday, November 16th:

Invent Room Pop 19 @ Beep Beep

Saturday Cialis, November 17th:

Book Club (record release), Blake Rainey & his Demons (record release), Jeremy Ray (record release) @ The Earl

Quiet Hounds @ The Goat Farm

Hawks, Black Skies, Caltrop, The Future Now @ 529

Sunday, November 18th:

Yeasayer, Sinkane @ The Tabernacle

This Week In Atlanta Music (Nov 5 – 11)

Tuesday, November 6th:

Anamanaguchi, Fang Island, Moon King, No Eyes @ Drunken Unicorn

Thursday, November 8th:

Abby Gogo (record release), Spirits & The Melchizedeck Children, Order Of The Owl, Twin Tigers @ Star Bar

Tanlines, Sealions, DJ ddddave @ The Basement

The Futura Bold, Pls Pls, The Locksmyth @ 529

Saturday, November 10th:

Jucifer, Dysrhythmia, Lazer/ Wulf, From Exile @ The Earl

Sunday, November 11th:

Ben Gibbard, Advance Base @ Variety Playhouse

This Week In Atlanta Music (Oct 29 – Nov 4)

Monday, October 29th:

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard, John Vournakis, China Blue @ The Masquerade

Tuesday, October 30th:

A Place To Bury Strangers, Bleeding Rainbow, Entertainment @ Drunken Unicorn

Wednesday, October 31st:

Stokeswood, Jungol, Gun Party @ The Earl

Thursday, November 1st:

Sic Alps, Women’s Work, The Purkinje Shift @ 529

Friday, November 2nd:

Floyd the Locsmif, DT, Yamin Semali (record release), Conspiracy Xanax, more @ 529

Red Sea, Each Other, Freak Heat Waves, Moons @ Star Bar

Saturday, November 3rd:

Kopecky Family Band, Little Tybee @ The Basement

Lost in the Trees, Midtown Dickens, Oryx and Crake @ The Earl

Vegan Coke, Jealousy Mountain Duo, Electric Nature, Sex Drive, Gnarwhal @ Big Haus

Sunday, November 4th:

Cadence Weapon, Fat Tony @ The Earl

This Week In Atlanta Music (Oct 1 – 7)

Monday, October 1st:

Grimes, Elite Gymnastics, Myths @ The Basement (SOLD OUT)

Babar, Lantern, Dasher, Bodyfather @ 529

Tuesday, October 2nd:

Dinosaur Jr, Shearwater @ Variety Playhouse

Fuxa, Reverends, Lyonnais @ The Earl

Damon Moon And The Whispering Drifter, Cartwright, Christ Lord, Spirit Temple @ 529

Wednesday, October 3rd:

David Byrne & St. Vincent @ Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Mac DeMarco, Dinosaur Feathers, Small Reactions @ The Earl

Thursday, October 4th:

PLS PLS (record release), Gun Party, Sneaky Prosolution Hand, Blaine In Mono @ Star Bar

Balmorhea, Takenobu @ The Earl

Friday, October 5th:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Buckhead Theatre

Saturday, October 6th:

Nomen Novum, Antbrain, Nobra Noma @ Drunken Unicorn

Dan Deacon, Height, Chester Endersby Gwazda, Alan Resnick @ Terminal West

Menomena, PVT @ The Masquerade

Dabrye, Shigeto, Panther God, Deku @ 529

Lacuna M, Food Will Win the War @ Doo Gallery

Sunday, October 7th:

R. Stevie Moore, TV Dinner, Hologram @ The Earl

This Week In Atlanta Music (Sept 24 – 30)

Tuesday, September 25th:

Eternal Summers, Bleeding Rainbow, Life at Sea, The Good Graces @ 529

Wednesday, September 26th:

The Walkmen, Woods, Coke Weed @ Variety Playhouse

Cate Le Bon, Adron, Book Club @ The Earl

Greg Ginn & The Royal We, Dark Room, deadCAT @ The Masquerade

Thursday, September 27th:

Subsonics, Cyclops, Ghost Bikini, El Fossil @ 529

Friday, September 28th:

Magicicada (record release), Easily Suede, Tree Creature, No Babies @ Wonderroot

Stars article insider nexus pheromones, Diamond Rings, California Wives @ Variety Playhouse

Divine Interface, Calm White Noise, Skybison @ Drunken Unicorn

Saturday, September 29th:

Little Five Fest @ Little Five Points

Wild Nothing, DIIV, Red Sea @ 529

Saul Williams @ Apache Cafe

The Soft Pack, Heavy Hawaii, Twin Tigers @ The Earl

Modern Skirts, Wowser Bowser, Easter Island @ The Earl

Hello Cobra, Hail the Titans, Scaffolds @ East Side Lounge

This Week In Atlanta Music (Sept 10 – 16)

Monday, September 10th:

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Bodyguard, Moon Diagrams @ The Goat Farm

Tuesday, September 11th:

Red Sea, Invisible Things, Georges Battaille Battle Cry, Perfect High Fives Every Time @ The Music Room

Thursday, September 13th:

Built To Spill, Helvetia, Sister Crayon @ Variety Playhouse

Blues Control, Lyonnais, Georges Bataille Battle Cry @ 529

Stalone, Manray, Nigredo @ Star Bar

Friday, September 14th:

The Album Leaf, Tycho @ The Masquerade

Saturday, September 15th:

Adron, Attention System, 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra, more @ East Atlanta Strut

Cousin Dan @ The Secret Spot

New Terminus, Feather Trade, Life At Sea, The Romans @ Drunken Unicorn

Order Of The Owl, Demonaut, Iron Whip, Telestrion @ 529

Sunday, September 16th:

Beach House, Dustin Wong @ Variety Playhouse (SOLD OUT)

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