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[Mp3] Spirits and the Melchizedek Children: “Land Tied” (Live @ The Earl 12/21/11)

Before playing one of the best records to come out of Atlanta in 2011 in its entirety at the Atlanta Music Roundtable show last month, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children opened their set with a stripped-down song I didn’t recognize performed by SATMC frontman Jason Elliott alone. It turns out, the opening song was from their next full length, and they’ve decided to share the recording of it from the show for all of us to enjoy:

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children : “Land Tied” (Live @ The Earl 12/21/11)

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children bandcamp

Ohmpark Mixtape #23: 2012, A Prologue

Here’s a collection of songs by local artists that just missed my 2011 blogging season. All of these deserve their own blog post, but I haven’t had the time. So instead, I used them to build a mixtape. You can click on the album art images below to find more about each song:

Shook Foil : “The Monument”

Cute Boots : “The Fire”

Dark Room : “Ice Swimming”

Easily Suede : “Great Fantastic”

Lotus Plaza : “Christmas In Whosbekistanstanstan”

Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters : “Seasonal Suite #62″

ODIST : “Pyramid Eyes”

Order of The Owl : “Bandsaw”

Christ, Lord : “I Was” (Live)

Solitude : “Jenny Lee”

[Mp3] Tree Witch: “Alkyone”

Nigredo bassist Aaron Hendrickson has spent 2011 quietly putting out records from his ambient project Tree Witch. He released his third installment of the year, a four song EP called Mintaka, a couple weeks ago, and it’s a really nice collection of soundscapes. Here’s a taste, and then go explore his bandcamp page.

Tree Witch : “Alkyone”

Download/Stream Mintaka

[Mp3] Mirror Mode: “Hexa”

Double Phantom Digital’s latest free release is a six song EP from Mirror Mode, a new project by Allen Taylor (Feast of Violet/Kolossi) and Dan Wakefield (Ominous Castle). The duo composes dreamy pop built on lush and ambient electronic arrangements that after a couple of listens I’m really enjoying. Give it a spin yourself:

Mirror Mode : “Hexa”

Download/Stream Veils

[Mp3] Mediocre Machine: “Nanaboozhoo”

After releasing a series of demos on bandcamp earlier this year, Mediocre Machine recently unveiled their first proper recording, a five song EP named after a Goonies character, which is entirely appropriate for their goofball aesthetic. The record feels like one song in five movements, but each track has its own unique character. There are no shortage of bands in this city that make music this fun, but very few do it with this much imagination. Here’s the opening track, and then be sure to listen to all five songs together.

Mediocre Machine : “Nanaboozhoo”

Stream/Buy Chunk.

[Mp3] Tim Kohler and the Big Tent Revival Party: “Weekend”

Kid Stuff alumni Tim Kohler has spent the last year gathering a merry band of local musicians that includes members from acts such as Small Reactions, Hello Ocho, and Cute Boots to form The Big Tent Revival Party. After several live performances in 2011, they finally released their first recorded material, a single called “Weekend.” It’s an upbeat, epic pop song that serves as a pleasant introduction to an Atlanta outfit on the rise.

Tim Kohler and the Big Tent Revival Party : “Weekend”

Tim Kohler and the Big Tent Revival Party Facebook

[Mp3] We The Lion: “Ivan”

We The Lion, which features members of Wowser Bowser and Cassandras, just released a debut record, a 4 song EP called Boy Oh Boy. After only one listen, I can tell I’ll be jamming this record a lot. Go get it for whatever price you want:

We The Lion : “Ivan”

Download/Stream Boy Oh Boy

[Guest Mixtape] Places: Morning Ride

Our latest guest mixtape comes from Nicolo Giarrano, the man behind one of the most compelling new acts in the Atlanta music scene, Places. Over just the last year, Places has output an impressive catalog of music, both in terms of quality and quantity. Anyway, here’s what he said about the mixtape he’s put together for us:

This is best listened to early in the morning, when the air outside is so still you wouldn’t dare disturb it, when you want to let the day ease into the music, allowing the morning birds to add accompaniment. This is for when your ears are too sensitive after their quiet night of dreaming. When the slight burning in your calves is outweighed by the breeze brushing over you as the sun peeks through the trees, when the weather is having an identity crisis. This is for when you know you’re going to have a good day.

Enjoy this twenty minute mix, and then don’t forget to catch the Places live band at the Goat Farm on Sunday (October 23rd) for The 4th Atlanta SOUL Project.

Places : Morning Ride Mix


1. Brian Eno : “Drift”
2. Boards of Canada : “Melissa Juice”
3. Clay Pitts : “Caribbean Sunrise”
4. Nancy Adams : “Love”
5. The Beach Boys : “Let’s Go Away For a While”
6. Koji Kondo : “Inside the Deku Tree”
7. Places : “High School Pretty”
8. Koushik : “Forest Loop”
9. The Avalanches : “Slow Walking”
10. Boards of Canada : “Over The Horizon Radar”

Places bandcamp
Places tumblr

[Mp3] New Animal: “Still In Mind”

After already releasing more quality material this year than most bands do over an entire career, New Animal have given us yet another installment, a two song free digital release called Still In Mind. On top of that, they are currently working on an even newer project slated to be released on a label early next year. They’re also opening for Purity Ring (11/2) and Architecture in Helsinki (11/12) next month. Enjoy the latest from one of my favourite bands of 2011:

New Animal : “Still In Mind”

Download/Stream Still In Mind

[Mp3] Book Club: “Love Like Parachutes” (Live)

Folk outfit Book Club have followed up one of Atlanta’s most critically acclaimed records this year, Ghost, with a free EP of a live broadcast last month on AM 1690. The EP features two songs from Ghost, as well as a previously unreleased track, all performed live. Give it a listen:

Book Club : “Love Like Parachutes” (Live)

Download/Stream Live on AM1690

[Mp3] Kolossi: “How We Were”

Three quarters of the recently disbanded Roman Photos have continued on under a new moniker, Kolossi, and they just released the first taste of this new incarnation. It’s a five song record called The Chase, which deals in atmospheric dance music not dissimilar from Roman Photos. Here’s a track, and you can get the album for free below.

Kolossi : “How We Were”

Download/Stream The Chase

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