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Ohmpark Mixtape #25: The Summer of Water

Ohmpark Mixtape #25: The Summer of Water

deadCAT :: “Flights”
Bibio :: “À tout à l’heure”
Shannon And The Clams :: “Rip VanWinkle”
Still Corners :: “All I Know”
Blue Hawaii :: “Try To Be”
Mood Rings :: “The Line”
Wild Nothing :: “Ride”
Nobra Noma :: “Anchors”
Work Drugs :: “Mavericks”
Teen Daze :: “The Endless Summer”
Hydrabadd :: “Sanctuary” (ft. Abra)
Daft Punk :: “Lose Yourself To Dance” (Feat. Pharrell Williams)
Chvrches :: “The Mother We Share” (Modern Dealer Mix)
Vondelpark :: “Always Forever” (Tuesday Born remix)
Small Black :: “Free At Dawn”
Hello Ocho :: “Party on a Raincloud”

Photos by Adrienne Darnell. More super dreamy film at PRIM PROPER NAPKIN.

Ohmpark Mixtape #24: Summer 2012

animas vast
deadcat bitchs
faun and a pan flute sunset dolphin boat ride ’98
nobra noma western shore
vox celeste be yourself
dark room let’s go back there
nomen novum ahhh silent field
tree witch laika
cassandras slow boat coming
hello ocho stickin to the sheets
new animal far away
the outer champagne

[Mp3] The Electric Nature: “Return to Cloud Mountain” (Live at the Earl)

This city contains an abundance of talented drone and experimental acts, but Michael Potter’s The Electric Nature is one of my favourites in the scene right now. At the Atlanta Music Roundtable showcase back in March, I got to see The Electric Nature live for the first time, and their performance was just as impressive as the studio work. The three song, forty-five-minute-plus set from that night is available for free online so you can experience it yourself.

The Electric Nature : “Return to Cloud Mountain” (Live at the Earl)

Download Live at the Earl

[Mp3] fail.safe: “confines”

After releasing a smattering of intriguing tracks to bandcamp last year that have since disappeared, fail.safe put forth a five song album back in February of this year called parallels. What’s most impressive about this record is how these ambient tracks manage to feel so engaging as they drift along. I highly recommend vibing on these chilled-out grooves.

fail.safe : “confines”

Download parallels

[Mp3] Vontae the Villain: “I Am A Zombie”

These days, the hip-hop that I find to be most compelling tends to be instrumental and experimental, and the latest local artist I’ve stumbled across who is pushing the boundaries of beats is Vontae The Villain. His record \ ill uni cornati / is packed full of abstract and trippy soundscapes that are constantly shifting in speed and shape. Pick it up for free.

Vontae the Villain : “I Am A Zombie”

Download \ ill uni cornati /

[Mp3] Cassandras: “Invitation to Love”

Cassandras, one of my favourite local bands to emerge from last year, followed up their two short 2011 releases with another EP earlier this year. Unfortunately, by the time I’m blogging about it, the band has already called it quits. It’s a shame because this act had so much potential, but hopefully the various members will go on to start even better projects, and you can still enjoy this wonderful record for whatever price you want.

Cassandras : “Invitation to Love”

Download/Buy Invitation to Love.

[Mp3] Isness: “Creepeth”

I’ve always been a fan of electronic dance music performed with a more organic, rock instrumentation, and no one in this city seems to be more successful at that approach right now than Isness. They just released a new single, “Creepeth,” and if you like psychedelic, droney jams over a head bobbing beat, check it out.

Isness : “Creepeth”

Isness bandcamp

[Mp3] Nomen Novum: “I Tore Your Wall Down”

I picked a bad time to take a long vacation from this blog because the beginning of 2012 has been one of the best periods in local record releases since I’ve been paying attention. In a few weeks, I’ll be back to blogging regularly again and I plan to post on everything worthwhile that’s come out this year, but for now, I want to talk a little bit about the one album that sits high above the rest: Nomen Novum‘s If You Look For It, It’s There.

What stands out most about this record is how successful it is on so many different levels. There’s genius to every single element. For example, if you only take the lyrics by themselves and ignore the music, you’ll find no one in this city more apt at lyricism. The record is littered with succinct and profound lines. At some moments the words are funny and playful, at other times, they’re serious and somber.

On top of the words themselves, the vocal delivery is just as impressive. The range of styles he can nail with his voice seems boundless. Every single syllable is delivered with perfection. And then beyond the words and vocals, the musical arrangements themselves are complex and endlessly detailed, yet the song writing is so accessible and engaging that you don’t even notice how deeply everything is layered until you listen to it over and over again. Simply in terms of beats, Nomen Novum is one of the best producers in the city. The droney moments are as beautiful and haunting as anything I’ve heard. There’s just so much to take in.

It’s hard for me to think of another musical artist that is more versatile than David Norbery, inside or outside the perimeter, and other than maybe a handful of Outkast and Deerhunter records, this is probably the best record to ever come out of the city of Atlanta. So if you haven’t spent a lot of quality time with this album yet, hopefully this endorsement, the most hype I’ve ever showered upon a record, will convince you to give it a few good spins. It really is that good, and it’s entirely free to download.

Nomen Novum opens for Chairlift and Nite Jewel tomorrow (April 19) night at The Earl.

Nomen Novum : “I Tore Your Wall Down”

Download If You Look For It, It’s There

[Mp3] Spirits and the Melchizedek Children: “Land Tied” (Live @ The Earl 12/21/11)

Before playing one of the best records to come out of Atlanta in 2011 in its entirety at the Atlanta Music Roundtable show last month, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children opened their set with a stripped-down song I didn’t recognize performed by SATMC frontman Jason Elliott alone. It turns out, the opening song was from their next full length, and they’ve decided to share the recording of it from the show for all of us to enjoy:

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children : “Land Tied” (Live @ The Earl 12/21/11)

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children bandcamp

Ohmpark Mixtape #23: 2012, A Prologue

Here’s a collection of songs by local artists that just missed my 2011 blogging season. All of these deserve their own blog post, but I haven’t had the time. So instead, I used them to build a mixtape. You can click on the album art images below to find more about each song:

Shook Foil : “The Monument”

Cute Boots : “The Fire”

Dark Room : “Ice Swimming”

Easily Suede : “Great Fantastic”

Lotus Plaza : “Christmas In Whosbekistanstanstan”

Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters : “Seasonal Suite #62″

ODIST : “Pyramid Eyes”

Order of The Owl : “Bandsaw”

Christ, Lord : “I Was” (Live)

Solitude : “Jenny Lee”

[Mp3] Tree Witch: “Alkyone”

Nigredo bassist Aaron Hendrickson has spent 2011 quietly putting out records from his ambient project Tree Witch. He released his third installment of the year, a four song EP called Mintaka, a couple weeks ago, and it’s a really nice collection of soundscapes. Here’s a taste, and then go explore his bandcamp page.

Tree Witch : “Alkyone”

Download/Stream Mintaka

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