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I want to start off by thanking everyone involved with Ohmpark Fest, the musicians, the venue employees, the crowd, everyone. It was such an epic night. While I didn’t really tell many people, that festival was the last hurrah for this music blog.

When I first started this website, I didn’t expect to stick with it more than a couple of months, let alone six years. I never intended to be a “music writer” or “journalist” or whatever, it was just a way to kill time when I didn’t want to pay attention in class and an outlet for my vast obsession with music. But it became so much more. I could never have expected the success of this blog. Not only was I able to find an audience, but it was such an incredible educational experience. I’ve learned so much about writing and journalism and music and art. I’ve made so many friends (and enemies) along the way, and all the shows and festivals and going on tour and all of the sonic adventures I chronicled here, it was simply an amazing six years.

But I’ve reached a point where I no longer have the passion necessary to continue this project. I’ve been writing about music for so long, now, that I feel I don’t have much left to say. My thoughts and writing are focused on new topics and formats, and I want to use the finite time I possess to pursue different projects. I’ve mentioned many times on this blog that I believe the fashion of art, especially music, to be a concern primarily for the young. And both this city and this world contain enough middle-aged men trying to tell the kids what’s cool, so I don’t really want to add to that number. The form of music media I’ve always had the most respect for has been college radio. I love the idea of an amateur learning about music together with an audience, and then eventually passing the torch to younger ears. And it’s about time that I graduate from this blog.

That’s not to say that I’ll never write about music again. I may find a new format to share music suggestions, and when I occasionally have something to say, I’m sure I’ll find some outlet somewhere to voice my opinion. As long as I live in this city, I’ll find ways to contribute to the scene. I was throwing house shows for years before I started this blog, and I’m sure I’ll find some other role to play. It’s entirely possible that I may be able to contribute even more to the scene unshackled from this blog. I may start a label, or a concert series, or something else. I have some ideas I’m kicking around. I may even continue to do Ohmpark Fest every year. But I no longer have the time to create most of the content for an entire publication.

I’ll occasionally post updates about my future projects here, and as soon as some savvy editor hires Kevin Griggs, I’ll tell you where to find his photography. So feel free to check back every few months or so.

Finally, I want to thank everyone that ever contributed to this project because I could never have done it without a ton of help. And I want to thank you readers for giving me a venue to find my voice.

Ohmpark Fest

Ohmpark is celebrating six years of music blogging with a festival on January 12th, 2013 at 529 and the Earl. Here’s the lineup:

Book Club
Dark Room
Faun and A Pan Flute
From Exile
Hello Ocho
Jamaican Queens
Life At exposed pokies Sea
Little Tybee
Molly Parden
Nomen Novum
On Holiday
Oryx and Crake
The Electric Nature

I’ll have more information as the festival draws nearer, but you can keep up with updates at the Ohmpark Fest facebook page.


I’ve been too busy to do much blogging lately, and that trend looks to continue for another week or so. But after this brief intermission, I have a metric fuckton of good spanish blackjack online local music to share with you. Plus, a big event announcement is on the horizon. In the meantime, I suggest you get out and see some shows. I miss and heart y’all.

This Week In Atlanta (September 17 – 23)

Monday, September 17th:

Grizzly Bear, Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ The Tabernacle

WHY?, Doseone, Serengeti @ The Earl

Tuesday, September 18th:

Dam Funk, Cloudeater, Velveteen Pink, Qurious @ Terminal West

Molly Nilsson, Mirror Mode, Twins @ 529

Saint Vitus, Weedeater, Sourvein, Order of the Owl @ The Masquerade

Wednesday, September 19th:

Twin Shadow, Niki and the Dove @ The Earl

Firewater, Christ, Lord, Jeffrey Butzer @ 529

Thursday, September 20th:

Amon Tobin, Holy Other @ The Tabernacle

Babar, Iron Jayne, Soft Spot, Trisexuals, Shook Foil @ Star Bar

Twin Shadow, Niki and the Dove @ The Earl

Friday, September 21st:

The Corin Tucker Band, Dasher, Perfect High Fives Every Time @ The Earl

Invent Room Pop 17 @ Beep Beep

R_Garcia, Signs Of Iris, What Happened To Your Fire, TIger? @ East Side Lounge

Takenobu, Shortwave Society, We All @ Drunken Unicorn

Saturday, September 22nd:

Nigredo, Utah, Demonaut @ Drunken Unicorn

Atlanta Music Roundtable June Showcase

Ohmpark at Artlantis

This Saturday (June 2nd), Ohmpark will be representing at the Artlantis Arts and Music Festival. I’ll be there giving away free copies of my Nothing Is Beyond chapbooks, and Kevin Griggs will be there selling his art, including prints of his concert photography. Also, we’re going to have some local musicians stop by and play occasional acoustic sets throughout the day. So come by the Ohmpark booth and hang out.

Artlantis facebook page

Back Again

I had taken a little break from this website over the last four months, but now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get back to blogging again. I have a lot of catching up to do because there’s been so many great local records released already this year. Speaking of which, if you are a local artist who sent a submission during my hiatus, even as far back as November of 2011, I would strongly suggest sending another email, as it’s possible that it might have gotten overlooked. To send a submission to Ohmpark, please click this link.

Thanks for reading.

Atlanta Music Roundtable Showcase #2

The music bloggers of Atlanta have united once again…

“When we put together last year’s Atlanta Music Roundtable show, we didn’t expect it to be anything more than a seasonal deal, just something to coincide with our year end coverage. But it went so well that we decided to put on events throughout the year. For our first show of 2012, we’ve got Nigredo, Lucy Dreams, and The Electric Nature, three of our favorite forward-thinking local acts. The bill is a mix of post-metal, shoegaze, and psychedelic drones, but there’s a shared exploratory spirit among all three acts that should provide a common thread for the evening.”

Facebook page and information

Half A Decade

Today marks exactly five years since I first launched this music blog. That’s kind of a long time. Over the last half a decade, I’ve put so much of my life into this website, studying and evaluating music, writing and blogging, navigating this ever-sprawling local music scene. It’s been exhausting. So, I’m celebrating this year’s anniversary with a little break. I’m going to take the next couple months off from Ohmpark and work on other projects. I wouldn’t call it a hiatus precisely, as I may occasionally post something here and there, but blogging will be rather infrequent for a little while.

Thanks for five fun years, y’all.

Atlanta Music Roundtable 2011 Concert

Buy Tickets

Atlanta Music Roundtable 2011

As you may remember from last year, many of us Atlanta music bloggers teamed up to do a collaborative year end discussion of 2010 music called the Atlanta Music Roundtable. If you missed it, you can read through it all here. Well, we’re doing it again this year, expanding the roundtable to include some new voices, and we’re even throwing a show at the Earl December 21st with some of the 2011′s best local artists, Little Tybee, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, New Animal, and Spirits and the Melchizedek Children. This year’s roundtable will include Little Advances, Latest Disgrace, Atlanta’s A-List, BeAtlanta, Hijacking Music, I’m A Bear Etc, Wholly Roller, Promising Chord, Max Blau of Paste Magazine, and myself. The roundtable discussion will sprawl out across all of our websites the week leading up to Christmas.

Atlanta Music Roundtable 2011 website

Buy tickets for Atlanta Music Roundtable 2011 Concert

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