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[Video] On Holiday: “Tides”

On Holiday – Tides from Vimeo.

[Video] Royal Thunder: “Blue”

[Video] Abby GoGo: “White Car” (indieATL Session)


[Video] deadCAT: “Body Party” (indieATL Session)

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[Video] Iron Jayne: “Ship”

The first single from Iron Jayne, which features Emily Kempf (, which features Emily Kempf (Back madonna pokies Pockets), Ryan Odom (Cassandras), and Garrett Goss.

[Video] PLS PLS: “Cocaine”

PLS PLS with Elijah Jones (The Constellations) “Cocaine” music video uncensored NSFW from Video Rahim on Vimeo.

[Video] New Animal: “It’s Not The End” & “They Won’t Let Me Go”

New tunage from New Animal:

this is an instrumental recorded around the time of “Falling Up” – it was originally going to be an EP with 5 songs, but we decided to make it a 2 song single anyways. This is one of the tracks that got left off. The video is from our trip to NYC this summer where we played a few shows as a duo. – also, there is a lil video of us playing “They Won’t Let Me Go” acoustically on this waterfall in north GA.

[Video] Spectralux: “Landing Gear”

Spectralux – Landing Gear from Vimeo.

[Video] Lazer/Wulf: “Lagarto” (indieATL Session)

[Video] Book Club: “Oh! You Lied”

“Oh! You Lied” – Book Club (Music Video) from Book Club (The Band) on Vimeo.

[Video] Spirits and the Melchizedek Children @ The Secret Spot

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children performing to the film “The In Between Viagra Online” on the roof of The Secret Spot in East Atlanta Village.

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