SXSW 2008 Day 4/Wrap-Up

Ok, I promise this is our last SXSW post. Most Likely. Anyways, the last day of the fest started with us sleeping in a bit later than normal, but we made it in time to catch Plants And Animals at an Urban Outfitters next to UT campus. They rocked it out:

After a long hike back to the main strip, Biggie C and I split up. He went to catch Dead Confederate, who ended up using almost all of their set doing cover of Sonic Youth‘s “Diamond Sea”. I went and caught Sea Wolf:

After that we met back up and went down to Waterloo Park where they had a free concert with three stages packed full of the big names at SXSW. It was like a mini festival in itself. We caught a bit of Yeasayer‘s set:

After that we sort of chilled out on 6th Street and did some resting and people watching. Fatigue finally caught up to me on my last day of the fest, so we balled out on a nice steak to get my mojo back and then went to one of the Emo’s joints and caught Maps And Atlases. They brought a full finger tapping assault:

By the end of that set, everything on the main strip was packed out like crazy, and we weren’t really feeling the vibe, so we headed down the street to catch the last Todd P event of the weekend. Todd P is a party thrower from Brooklyn, New York that is a champion of DIY shows and had put togther the acoustic show on campus we caught the first night, so we figured it would be cool. Here’ a little vid about him:

The party was at a tiny dive bar called Ms. Bea’s. Behind the building, a huge crowd of folks were chatting about, drinking, and catching good music on some make-shift stages. A band I discovered at the show who put on a really cool set was Sian Alice Group. At the end of the night we were waiting at the merch table for someone to sell us a CD, and we totally busted some dude trying to steal the bands’ merch. It was a funny and surreal occurence, but we ended up meeting the Social Registry folks because of it, and they were really nice.

The last act we caught of SXSW was Atlanta’s Atlas Sound. I tried not to see too many local acts I could catch here while in Austin, but as we are Bradford Cox super-fans around here, we couldn’t resist. I thought he was at his best for the perfect way to end a great week:

All in all, SXSW was one of the most enjoyable fests I have ever been to in my life, and if you have been seeing all the ludicrous amount of coverage over the Internet for the last month and feeling jealous, just remember that when tickets go on sale next year and know that the huge price tag is well worth it in my opinion. Especially considering the big time fests like Bonnaroo and Coachella have upped their prices significantly now. Taking into account the enormous amount of free and unofficial events going on all weekend, you could have a stellar time without dropping a cent for tickets.

Also, The weekend in Austin was the greatest physical incarnation of the music revolution going on that I have ever seen. There were enormous choices. There were super exclusive industry parties and the best DIY shows in the US all within walking distance of one another. If there was one theme I took from the weekend, it is that art is alive and well in our culture and becoming more prevalent every day. It is rare a festival really inspires me, but SXSW turned to be a rather transcendental experience for myself. I’ll have some long-winded discourses about various items the fest made me ponder about soon, but here’s a final best-of-guide to SXSW 2008:

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Brooklyn Vegan got some great photos of Todd P’s unamplified campus show we caught the first night here.

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